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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I actually like the list a lot but I’d switch Quicksand with Lonely or even Cinderella.

    Never got the love for Quicksand. It’s painfully bland.
  2. At least the No 1 is correct!
  3. 24. Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

    Fail on that front!
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  4. That's really not that bad of a list compared to others I've seen. There'll always be a few personal differences. Quicksand is the most bizarre inclusion.
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  5. Her vocals on "Quicksand" are spectacular, though. It's always been a catalog favorite for me. So much emotion in her delivery.
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  6. Where’s Heaven On Earth and Trip To Your Heart?? I’m glad And Then We Kiss was included though.
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  7. The top 10 is good, but overall that list is a mess.
  8. I- I don’t think it’s ever possible to make a Top 10 Britney’s Best that sits well with everyone.

    Like... there’s always at least one person who would go “bUT WHERE iS StRAnGEst LoVE?”. That person could be anyone. Or me dddd
  9. I've always really loved Quicksand - it's nothing groundbreaking in terms of melody or whatever but she sounds wonderful on it (and so does Gaga on the backing vocals!).
  10. Definitely feels like Overprotected is finally getting the recognition it deserves as of late. Her overlooked opus!
  11. "Quicksand" is gorgeous! I fully support its inclusion.
  12. I would’ve taken out How I Roll, Work Bitch, Quicksand (as much as I love it) and Man On The Moon and added in Amnesia, Lonely, Heaven On Earth and Mannequin.

    But I appreciate deep cuts got included and it wasn’t just her greatest hits ranked.
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  13. I miss Making The Video! I really wish we'd get more behind the scenes stuff, if it's stored in someone's hard drive somewhere. Fun fact I always heard she came up with the Baby outfit, but only knew recently she also came up with the Oops look at 4:28.
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  14. Make Me before Me Against The Music & Till The World Ends doesn't sit right with me!
    Also where is Toy Soldier?
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  15. People dislike Make Me? It's an amazing song and about a billion times better than Me Against the Music.
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  16. Make Me is what Britney does best, so it's shocking when it's never high up on lists like Breathe On Me.
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  17. Make Me is top 5 Britney and Greazy’s rap is actually good and fitting. Ms. Kwak knew what she was doing and for anyone (including publications) to doubt her lacks taste.
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  18. Make Me is good but not THAT good. It’s not a first single material and doesn’t hold a candle to her other lead singles, except for Work Bitch.
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  19. Nothing can really compete with the iconicness of Baby/Oops/Slave/Gimme More but Make Me was still the perfect way to introduce Glory and top 5 lead single after those 4.
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  20. Say what? It's better than Me Against the Music, Womanzier and Work Bitch.

    Baby One More Time
    Oops! I Did It Again
    I'm A Slave 4 U
    Me Against the Music
    My Prerogative
    Gimme More
    Hold It Against Me
    Work Bitch
    Make Me
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