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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Make Me is one of her best songs, period.
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  2. I can maybe agree about it being above Womanizer. Me Against The music is miles better.
  3. Make Me is a good song but it doesn’t have the iconic video or performance to back it up. If we had the original David Lachapelle vision this might be a different story but alas.
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  4. Make Me is masterful and showed great progression from Britney Jean, and it was perfectly fine that they used it as a single, but I don't think the album or the era would be any less significant without it. It was not an era defining lead, it's just too lowkey. Still using the superior solo version too, the rapping clashes with the vibe imo.
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  5. Look in the mirror, who do I see? who do want to be today?

    Not Britney coming for me putting on my performative clown make up to go to work everyday. Mood Ring is definitely that girl from Glory.
  6. Just Brit showing up to the studio was great progression from Britney Jean alone. Even Pretty Girls was progression... albeit very tiny handed, baby breaths of progression.
  7. Well it's a laid back, moody, slow tempo album. And yes, I know it has its fair share of uptempos. Make Me was a perfect lead and considering we had nothing but bangers for the last album cycles as leads, it was a nice pace. It does lack the jaw dropping performance and the David video but it was in my opinion, a good first single. This album had more life in it than what her team gave it. Slumber Party, Do You Wanna Come Over, Change Your Mind, Better, etc.
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  8. I'm personally not a big fan of Make Me, I don't think I've listened to it since it came out.

    It's not a bad song, just not one of her best, I don't think it packed the punch needed for a lead single.

    When I think about it, the Glory campaign could have been so much more successful if there was more promo. Just Luv Me, Better and Man on the Moon all could have smashed as singles.

    I feel like at one point they were trying to push Man on the Moon as a single though, I kept hearing it on the radio when I worked in a department store then it just disappeared. I could be wrong though.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Make Me needs a proper middle eight to connect Gerald’s rap to the final chorus, but no issue with it being on that Guardian list.

    I think, overall, the list is highly questionable… and highly respectable!
  10. Will she get her own TIME cover seeing as how she made the list or do they only do a select few for their covers?
  11. God we haven't even had a new professional photoshoot from her in years, have we?
  12. Make Me was my most played track for a year or two when it was out... deserved!
  13. I might have dreamed it but isn’t there a demo version with a bridge?
  14. Her app (that silly cartoon game) released this solo version with the video. It's not so much a bridge, but a repeat of the chorus and extra unheard vocals.

  15. Make Me is one of her all time best singles. Yes, the Lachapelle video would have made it more of a moment and we (or at least those of us with taste!) will always mourn what could have been. But as a song nothing has dimmed it's shine. It was the best lead single option on Glory and it has stood the test of time as one of her all time best.

    She has had very good lead singles her entire career. The worst is Work Bitch and even it has managed to claw its way to classic status. Me Against the Music is underwhelming when you consider it is the only musical collaboration of two of the most defining female artists in history. But when you take the gravitas of expectations away (which... you really can't, but whatever) it's still fine.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Also, Me Against the Music has aged… surprisingly well? It weirdly sounds better now than it did in 2003.

    Womanizer and Hold It Against Me, however…
  17. Lead singles (to me) need to do at least one of two things: they either need to lyrically give a personal statement about where the artist is at/tells us what the album will be about thematically, or it needs to tells us where the music is going sonically. Me Against the Music does the latter. It sets up In the Zone reasonably well as far as the sound of the album.

    I've said many a time that a great song does not automatically equal a great lead. Toxic is a great example of this. It's a perfect song, but it would not have been a good lead single because there is nothing else on the album like it. In the Zone is eclectic (particularly the 2nd half) but Me Against the Music does a much better job of letting you know where the album is leaning musically than the random euro dance song in the middle of the album does.
  18. Thank you for this, I never knew this existed.
  19. It's clutching at straws as Britney doesn't have a lead single that's less than 'very good.

    Womanizer, Work Bitch and Hold It Against Me are her worst, for the precise reason that they're the most obvious. Me Against the Music and indeed Make Me sound MUCH fresher to listen to now.
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  20. Every time Make Me comes up on my playlist I completely fall in love with it all over again! The fact that we got it as a lead single, a direction that Britney does so well and that we fans love from her, yet feels completely fresh and unexpected to the GP… she did that!
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