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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Dag


    How can you say you're right, unless you know how the system works? Maybe she actually won those moonmen fair and square? Then you'd be wrong.

    I mean, I doubt anything is fair at the VMA's, but still.
  2. I was being faceitous in response to Mr PJ sticking his oar in.
  3. Dag


    I understood the joke, I just thought that you meant it.

    I think we agree that something's a bit shady with the VMA's anyway. That's part of the reason why I don't mind Britney walking away with those awards.
  4. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Disturbia vs. Womanizer

    Goodness, I don't know if I could answer that! Disturbia is probably the better song, but Womanizer is Britney! Britney still edges out Rihanna if only for the fact that she's an icon and Rihanna isn't yet.
  5. Rihanna is an icon to me, bitch.
  6. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Not yet, she's not. She needs a scandal!

  7. I think Rihanna has too much self-control to have a good scandal. Or she'd use her connections to fuck up anyone who tried it.
  8. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    She needs to be photographed making out with Jay-Z, imagine the wonderful consequences:

    1. Jay-Z is relevant again
    2. Rihanna is now an icon
    3. Beyonce records an even better song than Crazy In Love, except it's about hating someone
  9. I love what u said about Disturbia vs. Womanizer.. "Disturbia is the better song but Womanizer is Britney!"
    Well that answered the question of who rules best...
    Britney ofcourse.. So then Womanizer is waaaaay better because its Britney..

    And bout the Vma's, isnt it lovely she won all three, very... Just accept it..
  11. Steve

    Steve Guest

    If the VMAs were fixed for Britney, they'd be fixed for every other award winner of the past few years - the methods haven't changed. At the end of the day, it's down to interpretation - you may hate the Piece Of Me video, others may love it. The jury may have loved it, they may have thought it was a great song (let's face it, even Paris Hilton acknowledged it was about the song as much as the video) with a fitting video, they may have thought the circumstances under which it was filmed were exceptional, so given it points for effort. Who knows, who cares... it would be the same for everyone else, and probably for most jury-based award ceremonies.

    However, it was fan votes that supposedly got her nominated in the first place - she missed out on the Best Dance In A Music Video or whatever it was, award - so if it wasn't for them, she wouldn't have been able to have won anyway.

    As for Rihanna, I still don't think she's established herself a personality - she's a competent performer, who gets producers to give her good songs, and she is obviously somewhat smart and determined. But iconic? I would wait a few years to find out if she will be remembered, or if she will fall into the pit with Ashanti, Christina Milian et al, before putting that title near her.
  12. Britney have had classic songs and iconic videos in her career, but is one of the most unsympathetic and generally dumb and witless pop stars the world has ever seen -- and that's in ALL phases of her career, from goody two-shoes girl through vixen, through wreck status to comeback kid. An icon maybe, like the plague, like Reagan, like Thatcher. An unlikeable icon.
  13. debord

    debord Guest

    Rihanna has pretty obviously already moved well beyond the realm of Ashanti and Christina Milian. Even at their peaks most British people would have struggled to name a single song by them.
  14. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Yes, Rihanna was at the Ashanti stage yeaaars ago. She's now had so many crossover, proper hits and looks recognizable enough to be a proper star.
  15. This will be considered blasphemous to some people but fuck it, I actually think Umbrella is as good and iconic as anything Britney has done. Honestly.
  16. debord

    debord Guest

    I think you'd have to be a pretty blinkered Britney loon to deny that. I'd go even further and say Britney 'only' has about 2 or 3 songs that have had the impact of 'Umbrella'. Which is of course 3 more than most pop artists manage so I'm not attacking that at all.
  17. youredumped

    youredumped Guest

    Rihanna is an iconic popstar on the same level as Britney now, whether people like it or not.

    We won't be forgetting about Rihanna anytime soon.
  18. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    That's probably true. It's certainly as iconic as Gimme More, Slave, or Oops, whether it matches Baby...One More Time, I'm not sure I would go that far. Britney just has a little more *it* than Rihanna does. Not much, but a little more. It's what makes her Britney Spears. Rihanna is probably America's favorite pop star though at the moment.
  19. I don't see how this would be considered 'blasphemous'.

    It was #1 worldwide (10 weeks at #1 in the UK, 7 weeks on the Billboard Charts), was #1 on numerous 'Best Songs of 2007' polls, has over 50 million hits on Youtube, won 2 VMAs, countless people have covered it (McFly, Manic Street Preachers, Mandy Moore, Plain White Ts...)
    Ask 100 people what was the song of Summer 2007 and I'm sure the majority of people would say Umbrella.

    Umbrella was the song that made Rihanna's transition to Global Superstar.
  20. debord

    debord Guest

    There is absolutely no way that 'Gimme More' or 'Slave' were of the level of 'Umbrella'. I'm talking the masses here, not just pop fans. 'Oops...' may have been a massive single, but it didn't cross audiences like 'Umbrella' did and wasn't respected. 'Baby One More Time', definitely.
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