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Britney Spears - Glory (2020 Deluxe Reissue)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. No one is going to make big bucks off this. Revenue for the artist on Spotify is pennies.
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  2. Let’s just be happy we’re getting anything at all. The chances of them actively pushing this are close to zero which is fine considering Britney’s stance. Best case they’ll throw this on some lower trafficked Spotify playlist like they did with Mood Ring.

    I’m just so happy we get to hear her voice again soon!
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  3. This a 'Gift for The Fans' moment if I've ever seen one. We'll get a dreamy, animated lyric video with a starry night motif, if we're lucky.
  4. I feel like the UO association specifically is being pushed by someone/several people at UO who are Britney fans. That's honestly how it feels to me. Pressing a vinyl of a rare 20 year old Christmas song and Singles Day exclusives of five year old demos just feels too niche and stan-y for it to be like "big bad label exec making money off Britney". Obviously people are still making money off her but like... capitalism, supply and demand, blah blah. It just doesn't feel that insidious to me. If her label wanted to make serious money during her downtime there are so many ways they could do that that would be more lucrative and beneficial for them without even having to involve Urban Outfitters.
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  6. She has more than Instagram, and I doubt she’s the one sitting on Twitter retweeting fans
  7. That's why I only mentioned Instagram!
  8. Didn’t we literally find out the other day who her Social Media Manager is? She was in Maui, at the same hotel as Britney.
  9. I highly doubt any A-List celebrity wouldn’t have an outsourced social media manager, even though they’d insist on posting something once in a while.
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  10. Nope I refuse to think another being on earth posts those posts, sorry.
    Maybe that woman just presses 'post'?
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  11. She definitely runs her Instagram but most likely has a social media manager as well to post about career related stuff like new releases, anniversaries, etc. It’s quite normal.
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  12. It's a shame that Spotify's Year End cut is off 10/30 because this without a doubt is going to get over 100 plays from me in a week and would easily be in my top 10, with only hearing the snippet so far.
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  14. I would love for her to do a short IG TV video talking about the song and how it came to be released, working with Matthew on it etc. But we’ll probably just get a post with the artwork and a bunch of emojis in the caption.
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  15. If someone actually ran her Instagram do you think they’d post some of those captions and some of the posts even which really only feed the growing conspiracy surrounding her? I think not.
  16. We’re straying into dangerous territory, so let’s get back to being hyped for the single please! I don’t want this thread locked.
  17. RMK


    No social media team for an influencer or artist would run an instagram in 2020 the way Britney's does. The excessive emojis, live laugh love quotes, and obscure self timers are uniquely her (dd). It isn't a possibility.

    But this is territory that should be left alone, anyway.
  18. 8 days to go! So exciting!
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  19. Have any other snippets for the new song been released?
  20. I mean, even Madonna has a social media person, and her Instagram is probably the "realest" next to Britney's
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