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Britney Spears - Glory (2020 Deluxe Reissue)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. I still haven't played the snippet since the first day it leaked, so although I remember the vibe of the track I can't remember much about it in detail. Which is killing me but I'm doing my best to hold out until release...

  2. Stay focused people. Please let this thread survive til release at least. Thank you.

    I honestly can’t state how excited I am to hear her voice in something new. I sometimes tend to forget how much I love her but when something happens it instantly strikes me in the best way.
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  3. I really wasn’t feeling the snippet, I hope the full song is better.
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  4. I haven’t played the snippet much since it was first released. I kinda want to savour the moment as much as I can because we haven’t had proper new music from Britney since 2016.
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  5. David mentions Britney in a new interview:

    I guess that answers the question as to how he feels about Britney personally.

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  6. I tortured myself and visualized a video for the song (based off the snippet) with her in the single cover artwork look/desert vibe that would morph into a space/beach type scene throughout and some stunning visual close-ups of her look/singing the song throughout. (thinking Cheryl's "Only Human" video vibe)

    LaChapelle would've done wonders with her. Goddamnit.
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  7. I liked this at first because any Britney praise is great with me, but the article is very old man yells at cloud.

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  8. Not to rain on David’s parade but Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor were essentially an early version of Paris. They got into high society and transferred that publicity into movie stardom
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  9. It's just so eyeroll worthy. Just because you're out of touch doesn't mean culture and art began and ended with your generation. And I wish more pop fans would untangle themselves from this way of thinking.
  10. Absolutely, and this applies to both people old enough to have lived through it and those young enough to have never experienced it at all. A Reddit sized mess.
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  11. Good.
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  12. I get what Mr. LaChapelle is trying to say (and he's wrong). Some pop artists are still able to capture the zeitgeist in 2020.

    Ms. Belcalis's WAP comes to mind.
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  13. It's weird that he would say that when just last year he himself did a great photoshoot with Lizzo who I would've thought was an obvious trailblazer and someone who captured the zeitgeist, so what is the truth?
  14. I loveeeee this concept for Swimming in the Stars. I don’t think we’re getting a video, sadly.
  15. If we do, it just be candid videos of her in Maui.
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  16. Definitely no video. I just have this mental disorder where I think I'm her A&R people and what creative directions I'd take her career/singles in. Ha!
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  18. So it is coming next Friday?
  19. Yes!
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Don't forget about their iconic mother too! Kris Jenner who?
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