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Britney Spears - Glory (2020 Deluxe Reissue)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Merry Britmas!
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  3. Beautiful Stranger cover as b-side confirmed
  4. It's Beautiful, bitch!
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  5. “But I thought the old lady dropped it from all her setlists in the end”

    Before anyone jumps at me for being ageist, it’s a direct quote and I’m just forever seething M never brings out this classic.
  6. I'm guessing they registered it under a fake name and it'll change with the official release
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  7. This is totally delusional, but what if they're releasing an EP or something and that's the title?
  8. Beautiful Stranger is listed as the artist name. That's likely what they had this specific release under at the label so info didn't leak, but it's still identifiable because of the matching initials (BS).
  9. Looks like they are releasing a deluxe. Release date for this is the 4th of December.
  10. Two new songs? So happy!
  11. 17 tracks + Mood Ring + Swimming In The Stars + Untitled New Song + Mood Ring (Pride Remix) would be ideal. Slightly too many tracks for a vinyl to sound good but labels don't seem to care about that.
  12. Vinyl only ? I really hope NOT !!!
    Glory album (with Mood Ring): 60:24
    Mood Ring remix 3:11

    Swimming in the stars
    New track
    must be around 3 mins to fit
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  13. Surely 2 new songs just means Mood Ring + Swimming In The Stars?
  14. nope

    "the x2 lp gatefold vinyl set includes all x17 tracks originally featured on “glory,” plus two never before released songs and remixes of “mood ring."
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  15. But it would be weird pressing the remixes of Mood Ring and not the original (which doesn't count as part of the "all x17 tracks" so I think they're just counting Mood Ring as 'never before released' in the UK/on vinyl.
  16. According to The Resident websie (already sold out!)

    The x2 LP gatefold Vinyl set includes all x17 tracks originally featured on “Glory,” plus two never before released songs and remixes of “Mood Ring.

    It looks like 2 new songs: Swimming in the stars and a new one
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  17. another source

    19 Track Deluxe Version On Double Opaque White Vinyl Featuring Two Never Before Released Songs And Remixes Of Mood Ring

    I mean, Mood Ring HAS BEEN released, so it's not "never before released"
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  18. Yay I’m excited for this! The new cover is going to look so good
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