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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Just another reason why you're my Frenchie.
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  2. He


    This is so accurate.

    Kitana et al have more flattering leotards, though.

    Britney should go for a Sonya Blade look instead.
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  3. Oooh, imagine if she gets a kick-ass martial arts movie role as the deadly female lead. She could totally do it with her current fitness level.
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  4. Or like a sequel to "Toxic."
  5. I'd rather a full movie of her with the Vanity Fair cover styling beating up bad people.
  6. This is one of the most bizarre posts I've ever read on here.
  7. Ray


    Her face is amazing. We are SO FAR from the dead zombie look in "Piece Of Me" video. She's amazing. I don't even notice the outfits because first I look at her facial expressions, giggle, and then I get distracted by the dancers.
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  8. Britney's Hong Kong show sold out!
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  9. That's awesome, I heard people saying that it would be hard to sell that show but apparently she proved them wrong.
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  10. Humble Queen of Hong Kong. I'm so happy to see the shows all selling well.
  11. No lies.
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  12. I assume it is blowing up and not bowing up.
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  13. Yup, typo.
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  14. Why, oh why can't we get one more Glory video.
  15. Would be nice if she did tour edition with 4 new song a demo and Mood Ring or a ep with 4 song and Mood Ring.
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  16. Yes please. Whatever it takes to have Mood Ring as a single.
  17. Now that she got the coins from this Asian tour, can they muster up the third single campaign please?
  18. A what?
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  20. Hard To Forget Ya goes hard. I think it could definitely work as a single.
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