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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. I hate 'Private Show' - she sounds like she's being choked... and not in a sexy way.
  2. Hating Private Show is hating Britney, it is quintessentially Britney, her personality is stamped all over it.
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  3. says who?
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  4. Me.
  5. I mean... no..

    Hating Private Show is having good taste
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  6. She sings the twerkittwrktiit parts too fast.
  7. So you love the Make Me video then?
  8. Hard Top Forget Ya and What You Need are way better than Private Show.
  9. Rem


    'Invitation' still sounds heavenly. More of that please.
  10. I don't love it but equally it doesn't scratch my eyes out.
  11. She is my Queen but you prove my point.
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  12. She can be your queen all day every day and twice on a Sunday but you need to get a new prescription for those stan goggles if you think Private Show is even close to being good.
  13. Tempted to not like any of your Instagram pics for at least five minutes.
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  14. too harsh
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  15. Man On The Moon remains one of her absolute best. I'm still floored after nearly 20 years in the game she could still put out a song like that. Queen.
  16. Mood Ring remains 11/10, I need this to be the reference point for B10. DJ Mustard, Burns, and Mattman & Robin need to come back for B10 for sure!
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  17. The opening synths (?) right at the intro of Mood Ring SEND ME. It's so atmospheric and moody.
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  18. Ian Kirkpatrick is welcome back for B10 teebs
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  19. Part of me wants the next record to be a tight, 12-track opus that all flows (which Glory could have been) and the other half of me is like, 'fuck it, critics will never give her credit anyway, just give us 18 lit tracks.'
  20. Britney is not that kind of girl, especially in 2018. She clearly just wants to have fun so is very likely just going to continue giving 18 track albums full of bops and we're going to eat it up.
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