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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

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  2. Britney doesn't care enough about her career/art to do a video album, but this album really deserved it. I still listen to it all the time. The only songs I skip are Private Show and What You Need (I get that they're important to Britney and she probably loves them, etc. but I find her voice to be very grating on those songs.)

    If I had designed the track listing, I would have swapped Moodring for Clumsy - but according to what we were told upthread, it was Team Britney (or, well, Larry Rudolph) who insisted that Clumsy make it on the track list. Sigh.
  3. They're announcing the 3rd single any day now, sis!
  4. Rem


    There’s a reason why the general discussion thread exists ddd
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  5. Britney clearly likes the track too, otherwise she wouldn’t have added it to her tour setlist.
  6. Yes. Who ever said that? I've always found this story a little bit fan fiction.
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  7. Britney's album titles have been getting progressively worse since Femme Fatale. This album should clearly have been called Private Show. What was Sean Preston even thinking?
  8. 'leave me alone'
  9. I love Glory as a title, and I like it when the album is not named after one of the songs. Makes it more special that way. With that said, Private Show would have been a good title too, although the song it's based on is awful.
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  10. I think with David's artwork the title would have really ~connected~
  11. Something Sensational would have been an interesting title but not very "Britney".

  12. Although Change Your Mind was always a Glory highlight after the summer tour I've found myself jamming to Clumsy very often. One of the few times a Britney bop serves vocals too.
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  13. Been giving this album a listen again and it’s still amazing. Probably one of the best pop albums of the decade. There’s just so much warmth in its diverse soundscape and I look at it as In The Zone’s bubblier sister.

    Her and her team really did it dirty by not giving it the treatment and push it deserved.

    Clumsy performance is hideous all over, but I’ll maintain there were some solid pieces of choreography in Change Your Mind (which she actually did quite well and energetically) that just needed a trained eye to oversee.
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  14. I'm sorry to post this here, but considering these kind of leaks usually come from a celebrity's team this seems to confirm that most of the allegations raised in the podcast might be true (at least the ones pertaining to this year).

    I don't know I feel really... broken by this if it is in fact true. I've always looked to Britney as an inspirational figure in dealing with personal issues and adversity and the fact that her happiness might have been divorced from her health and well-being recently is a lot.
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  15. I’m really sad.
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  16. Mental health is like going to the gym in one sense; you have to consistently work on it forever - as someone who has also had quite significant issues in the past, I sometimes have become complacent then had a horrible crash back down. This narrative that some have that she was cured or whatever was never true, you improve and take it day by day - I guess part of the reason her Dad has remained so involved. I don't believe in God but bless her, and I hope she gets through it.
  17. I fucking hate her team. #FREEBRITNEY
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  18. Would The Blast News and its anonymous source lie?
  19. My thought exactly.

    Her fans make shit up and then they eat it up. The media was salivating for something like this to happen again.
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