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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. My heart is heavy. We've all known something hasn't been right in her world since the Femme Fatale era and it's so sad to see it so aggressively come to a head almost 10 years later. I pray somehow this resolves with her free from whatever physical or mental demons that have plagued her life
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  2. The former co founder of TMZ runs The Blast. And Britney’s team has connections to TMZ.
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  3. I mean I was very, VERY skeptical at first but things are starting to make sense now, like how the creative directors of Domination were tweeting about the show literally minutes before the announcement came. The reason for the cancellation had to be something else, something that they wouldn't have known about. Unfortunately, the explanation provided in the podcast and in that article makes a lot of sense.
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  4. To be fair, they get exclusives from ~close sources~ when it comes to Britney quite a bit. It’s pretty easy to spot a pattern with them and certain publications – it’s the exact thing even Bradley started questioning when we got random details about her having called Sam from the wellness center or her being excited to have her hair done, etc.
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  5. Just 2 weeks prior she posted a video on instagram looking excited about the show. The dramatics on this article and the podcast don’t add up. If Britney was in such “dire” state why was she allowed to go get her hair done on her own with a phone on hand?

    Also, is she being held captive or has the story flipped now to her needing the help? I can’t keep up
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  6. Well the theory is that she isn’t in such a “dire” state and that she was sent away because she was trying to rebel and get out of the conservatorship. The Team B twist is that she needed to be sent away for her own good.
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  7. No offense, but ever heard of photo ops? I'm not saying that's the case, but this doesn't confirm anything.
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  8. Yeah, nothing in that article fits with the "Free Britney" narrative.

    This is a situation where making any kind of conclusion is stupid because we don't know anything. I just hope she's okay.
  9. This is very heartbreaking if true and I hope everything works out for her eventually and she gets better. The craziness her stans are showing is not cute though, we are talking about a person who is probably suffering right now and she needs her privacy and peace.
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  10. Photo ops usually happen when professional photographers are around not a random chick getting her hair cut and dyed at the same time.
  11. #FreeBritney needs to be looked at as separate from all this, in my opinion. What’s going on now is essentially all unconfirmed (although it’s suspicious) conspiracy theories, while #FreeBritney has been around since 2009 as a group of people questioning the need for a lifelong conservatorship. I’ve seen people with their concerns in the right place, but there’s a level of hysteria around this event discussion that makes everything extremely uncomfortable, and not in a compelling way, but just creepy behavior by stans.
  12. If she does take an early retirement, which she's definitely earned, Glory would be a great final album. But, enough of the rumours, I hope she and her family pull through this hard time.
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  13. As @mindtrappa said it appears that she was fine in her career commitments but neglecting her mental health. Her father decides to issue an ultimatum with Domination, Britney ignores it, and the show gets cancelled. Situation probably deteriorates further and Britney is convinced/pushed to go for treatment (which again eerily enough happened in 2007 with pretty much exactly the same people involved). I just hope that this time her time there is spent as fruitfully and creatively as possible. Health comes above anything else.
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  14. Oh yeah, I know that there's been a lot of suspicion surrounding the conservatorship for a long time but I was mainly referring to the whole #FreeBritney hashtag that got started off the back of that podcast trying to convince everyone she's being held hostage.

    I dunno. There's enough mixed signals that I'm not sure what to think at this point. I'm not gonna act like I've never thought the conservatorship & everything surrounding it was a bit... weird, but I've always chalked it up to the fact that we don't know the extent of whatever issues she's dealing with. As someone who deals with mental health issues, speculating about this stuff makes me uncomfortable. I hesitate to get behind the whole "#FreeBritney" shit because mental health is complicated and no one truly knows what her situation is. It's scary to think that something more sinister is going on but even in the best circumstances, I feel like it's understandable why she & her team wouldn't want to make any kind of statement regarding whatever her situation is because that's not stuff that anyone would want to deal with in the public eye.

    I reiterate, I just hope she's okay.
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  15. A part of me believes she should have retired after Blackout. Britney is a lot of people's meal ticket so I'm not surprised that didn't happen. Though I am grateful for all of the music we have got since then. I really hope Britney gets her freedom and breaks away from the vultures and "the music industry machine".
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  16. I'm glad fans immediately shut down the person trying to get in contact with Sam Lufti. Otherwise, I am extremely worried about her and I hope that she is surrounded with people that love her and truly have her best interests at heart.
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  17. I think if anything, enough talk about this has been going on this week that at least people beyond her fan base are paying closer attention, and it’ll be harder to sweep anything potentially shady under the rug. I’m sure everyone wants the same thing for Britney, although some could definitely tone down the hysteria a bit.
  18. From what I gather, it looks like this is what happened:

    - Britney stopped taking her meds and has been getting less restraints in the past years
    - They cancelled Domination because of this, using Jamie’s health as a smokescreen
    - Britney goes to the mental facility in January
    - Someone from Wallet’s team or Wallet himself was on the brink of leaking the story to the media (may not necessarily even be his “paralegal”, but somehow the news got to a lot of people through him), which forces him to resign
    - Britney’s team is forced to chase the story before it blows and acknowledges that she is in a mental facility

    I’m just... so confused at this point. They may have Britney’s best interests at heart, but I’m not sure if them going back to the extreme restraints they previously had... is any way for her to live. The lessening of these restraints visibly made her one of the happiest she was in years in 2016 when she was recording Glory. You could argue that being Britney Spears adds a whole dimension of potential enablers to her issues which makes the conservatorship in her case necessary, but... I don’t know, I just hope she’s well like everyone’s hoping.
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  19. I...just hope she's okay. Whatever's going on is her business and she's more than earned the right to privacy and space.
  20. I saw The Blast article earlier, and agree with others that I tend to take notice of what they report due to previous experience, all I want to say is I wish Britney well and I hope that she's getting the support she needs at this moment. I don't want to contribute to this thread while the discussion continues though and hope I can join y'all for another round of album, music video and performance appreciation soon.
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