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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Yes I'm aware of that, what I just mean is that the whole thing seemed to me like a ploy to be the big 'Song of the Summer' ala Fancy, hence having another artist on it, imitating a popular sound, releasing without any mention of the album. The whole thing says, score a smash and rebuild her brand a little. The song could still do great for sure, I hope it does and I enjoy it, but it won't be THAT song of the summer when guys won't play it like they happily played the likes of Fancy, Call Me Maybe, Blurred Lines.
  2. I don't use hashtags but I'm gonna hashtag every pic #prettygirls this summer.
  3. If they played Fancy / Call Me Maybe they will play this too.
  4. Oh, the skepticism that filled my mind upon first hearing of the union of these two. But what a bright, intriguing morsel of high-fructose corn syrup. Very top-down, very mid-afternoon on the boulevard, very drinking-since-nine-AM. Shades of L'Trimm mixing in with the suburban babes who wish they were hood. Big hair and bigger attitudes. A neon-coated bubble of sleazy goodness. There is a sense of fun here, as if our pop goddess is simply enjoying life and nothing more. Work Bitch was a grand capitalist manifesto, but in some respects, was far too cold and detached for anything but ironic humor and shallow dancing. Pretty Girls feels fresh, colorful, and inviting - where we feel like we've heard this before (or is it that beat?) yet in that way where it already feels like a chart mainstay. It's nothing new, it's nothing groundbreaking - but it works. In a sense, this seems like the snotty half-sibling of This Is How We Do: a breezy hymn to the art of being chill.
  5. L'Trimm is the first thing I thought!
  6. Iggy Iggs is just so repulsive. My objectivity is compromised in both directions, and yet I feel nothing.

    It's sad! So sad! It's a sad, sad situation.
  7. Slé
  8. I really love Pretty Girls. The only thing that worries me is that it does not sound like a surefire smash hit. A hit, maybe, but it's more of a Drop That Kitty than a Fancy. Also, apart from the current-sounding beat and Iggy's verse production, it's very unadventurous for Britney and it doesn't really stray too far away from her Circus and Femme Fatale album track material, which I guess might be a good thing for some (SHE'S BACK!, etc), but I don't think casual fans will be very surprised. What I mean to say is that Pretty Girls seems to conform to the general public's views of what a Britney Spears song sounds like - somewhat current, upbeat with playful, borderline brain-dead lyricis. It's very Britney, and I don't know if 'very Britney' makes a hit in 2015. We'll see.
  9. I'd like to know which straight guys willingly played 'Fancy' and 'Call Me Maybe', and how long they've been in denial about their sexuality.
  10. Wow. It's not all about you gays.
  11. I was joking.
  12. Both of them were played a tonne, hence how they were so massive. They're examples of songs transcending the typical female-pop bubble, either as a widely-accepted guilty pleasure like Call Me Maybe, or just an undeniably fun song like Fancy. Neither had lyrics about how pretty girls wipe the floor with boys, nor lyrics about being pretty etc, so in that regard I'd rank this as a little more niche if you want to call it that, which could potentially hold it back from reaching that demographic. We'll see though.

    Anyway, it's not like she can't get by without them obviously, but it helps to have a song that's a little more gender neutral if you want to get that smash of the summer is all I'm saying.
  13. It was released midday on a Monday meaning it lost 36 hours of sales which sucks considering it peaked at #3 on iTunes. Till the World Ends was released on a fucking Friday and peaked at #11.
  14. I just don't think that people will take this song so seriously that the lyrical content would turn them off. It's fun, it's catchy, it's harmless.
  15. Do you mean on iTunes because 'Till The World Ends' peaked at #21 in the UK?
  16. You are completely correct with this though. Call Me Maybe and Fancy were just more accessible songs for the #StraightLadz demographic.
  17. Ray


    I am not necessarily saying on-air-on-sale. But in the age of Internet six weeks from the moment it leaked means... well, ask Madonna how satisfied she is with "Living For Love" chart position.

    Preorder starting today would be helpful though.
  18. I get what you're saying but I don't think it will matter. California Gurls was the song of the summer and only a small population of the world are actually girls from California.
  19. Living for Love got paid dust by radio though. That's why.
  20. The song is just fun, catchy pop and that's all I really need from a summer bop these days. It's got a good sing-a-long hook that will go down a storm I imagine and will undoubtedly sound great blasted out when the sun is out. I could do with it being a bit longer and the final chorus to be a little more bombastic but overall, I'm enjoying it!

    If it turns out to be a one-off single, it's no great blot on her discography and if it's a first single from a new album, then I have faith that it will be great after the Britney Jean debacle. Team Britney aren't stupid, they know they can't serve shit like that again.
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