Britney Spears - Glory

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Ok, but I absolutely adore Clumsy. It's just so... weird? It feels so surprising to have a Britney song hit me with a left hook like this. I mean, it's not objectively the best song ever, but it's so far from what I would've expected. Can't wait to hear it in HQ.
Can't wait to see how Clumsy does on Spotify vs Private Show. Speaking of which, I noticed she has a hit from every album except Blackout on her top 10 most popular songs under her Spotify profile. Weird that Piece of Me isn't there but crazy to think that she has a song that the general public recognizes on every album she's released. Not many artists can say that!

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This is her resurrection era - crucified Blackout and Circus then was asleep for two eras in a cave and now she's awake and ready to spread the gospel, red wine with Jamie Lynn, bread and fish
I've just listened to a LQ audio of Clumsy and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it yet. I think a lot of the more intricate details of the production are lost because of the quality. It's a bop, that's for sure. To me, this is being played at a party that looks like a cross between The Fifth Element and The Great Gatsby.

It's also clear that Britney's voice has been given room to really shine with the album because again with this track, her lower voice is a real highlight. I don't know how to explain it but there are flourishes in the outro where a sample of her falsetto is used. To me it's angelic / otherworldly, like a Siren call off in the distance. I can't wait to hear the HQ version!
Can you all stop with unnecessary Femme Fatale shade? Its a good album and it produced 3 of her biggest hits. Take a seat.


I prefer Femme Fatale to Circus.

Honestly, I don't even listen to much pre-Britney Britney anymore, but the only time she's ever hit a genuine "WTF" low was with this last album.
I wonder where 'Clumsy' fits into Britney's discography, quality/impact-wise, when contextualized with Taylor Swift's imperial phase and current pop culture dominance.
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