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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. If you havent sung along to Private Show, flourishes and all, you haven't lived. It's my new Do Somethin.
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  2. Agreed, I would honestly like to pretend Britney Jean didn't exist.
  3. I still use Passenger and Hold On Tight, alot.
  4. I was just making an innocent joke. Femme Fatale is one of the best to include in workout playlists
  5. The Make Me Cash Cash remix is really good.
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  6. The only Britney albums I really ever go back to are Blackout and Femme Fatale. They both still sound very fresh. Circus and BJ are my least favourite albums.
    With Circus they had way better songs that could of made the album.
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  7. Agreed. Thanks again to whoever posted these. Chart experts: if her team makes these remixes available on Spotify/Apple Music/etc., do buys/streams count towards her overall Billboard chart positions?

    Edit: Oh look at me starting page 1600.

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  8. I still listen to pretty much all of Britney's albums. I actually have this ritual when a new album is released... I load all her albums onto my phone and listen to each one (in order) before diving into the new album. I have no idea why I do that, but I have since Circus was released and will probably continue to do so.
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  9. Femme Fatale is the best robot sex album of all-time.
  10. I think Femme Fatale is easy to disregard because Britney herself felt very absent throughout the whole era and that disconnect and indifference gave way to the outright disappearing act of Britney Jean.

    It's a very glossy album but also largely anonymous and very of its time. It doesn't help that she slipped into somewhat local territory and that the tour was pretty underwhelming. US radio loved her for the first time in a decade but elsewhere Hold It Against Me didn't have as much sticking power as previous leads and I Wanna Go seems forgotten. Til The World Ends definitely feels like the most enduring moment of the whole era and even that is, fittingly, about as remembered as your average Kesha single.
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  11. Ohhhhhhh. Great idea! Starting tonight.
  12. But really, Circus and Femme Fatale are both great pop albums and the backlash against them is baffling. Britney has one subpar album to her name and we all know which one it belongs to!

    Don't Cry is begging for a play.
  13. The fact that I Wanna Go is forgotten is a gift. The worst track to come from her sessions with Max Martin that era.
  14. Clumsy is sensational.
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  15. Circus is a very solid pop album, it felt like an update on her classic bubblegum sound mixed in with the quirkiness of Blackout.
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  16. Inside Out, How I Roll and He About To Lose Me remain the highlights of Femme Fatale. I go back to those 3 more than I do anything on Circus, except maybe Unusual You and the title track. Honestly, I totally love all of Britney's albums - even the first two! - aside from Britney Jean (though Work Bitch will always be that bop).
  17. Don't forget to include the Chaotic EP and the non-recycled songs on her compilations. It's fun to revisit her discography before indulging in the new stuff for a while.
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  18. "Trip To Your Heart" is the best thing on Femme Fatale. It feels like the most 'Britney' track to emerge out of her EDM phase.
  19. One thing that people definitely undervalue about Circus is how awesomely quirky it is.
  20. I love going back to Baby and Oops. Oops in particular is such a good album. I don't care that they've aged terribly, but I think nostalgia has a lot to do with that. I'm sure most fans that have loved her since the beginning will listen to those 2 albums a few times a year.
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