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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I feel like Blur was designed to go right down-my-alley in terms of taste & preferences... & yet it still falls flat.

    Danja was serviceable, but a shadow of his former self on Circus.
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Femme Fatale is pretty great.

    I need Clumsy in HQ.
  3. Does anyone have an update on how Make Me is doing on radio and spotify? I know we've had so many goodies over the last week (especially that video) but I'd love to know if the song has any potential of beating it's debut position.

    On a similar note, any guesses as to when we will know what the second single is?
  4. "Mannequin" is probably the most Blackout-esque song on Circus, and it's still one of the most striking and disturbing songs in her catalogue. Dark, unnerving Britney is the best Britney.
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  5. That's one of those tracks that I really like but rarely go back to. I'm not sure why exactly.

    (I'm listening to it now and I'm slayed).
  6. Yup, Don't Cry is still perfection.

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  7. #21 on pop radio
    #60 on spotify
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  8. I definitely love Femme Fatale, but it never felt like a Britney album to me. It was the first time in her entire career where I felt like the criticism about her being nothing more than a producer's artist felt warranted. And then Britney Jean happened and I honestly wondered what she could offer as an artist anymore. I'm glad Glory seems to be shaping up to be a return to form. People may not be feeling the new songs completely, and that's fair, but can anyone deny that they aren't completely Britney and dripping with more personality than we've heard from her in years? Plus it's better to feel something than be completely numb to whatever someone is releasing.
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  9. Is it far fetched to think that they'll wait until the album is released to see which songs are the most well received before officially releasing a second single? Because I feel like that's what they'll do and that's probably a smart thing to do, right?

    EDIT: I'm not saying that Make Me... is done, I actually don't think it is. I think it still has a shot at growing, but I'm more so curious for when it is time to release a second single.
  10. "Make Me..." seems to be stalling around #20 on pop radio, but it might pick up as we get closer to album release and whatever payola radio promotion they have in store kicks in. The track's best chance to outdo its #17 debut position seems to rest with the VMAs.
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  11. It should break top 20 on pop radio tomorrow; spins are steady if not spectacular. Streams have been increasing, though it's still not top 50 in the US.
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  12. Looking at the wiki chart page of Britneys singles. Make me is her 3rd lowest charting single in Australia in her career so far. Perfume was the worst with radar coming 2nd. Hopefully the album does better here.
  13. Is it building at all over there or did it peak and drop right away?
  14. Make Me... will forever be #1 in our hearts.
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  15. I think it's dropped completely, I have never heard it on the radio here.
  16. She has gems from every album. Example: I still listen to Alien all the time. Slots very nicely into a Chillney as the sun rises mini-playlist consisting of Breath on Me, Unusual You, And Then We Kiss, Trip to Your Heart, Touch of My Hand, and Before The Goodbye.
  17. I love the idea of Alien and I do still listen to it from time to time, but the vocal production just puts me off so much. All those other songs you listed are masterfully produced. Alien just isn't.
  18. I think I've played this Just Luv Me snippet too many times.
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  19. Circus is such a mixed bag that you can tell it was recorded at a time when Britney was ducking in and out of the studio just to keep herself occupied. It almost feels like a quasi-Greatest Hits made up of new songs which stylistically recall the sound of her biggest hits without breaking much new ground (I actually had the same impression of ARTPOP).

    It doesn't feel particularly complete or thoughtfully assembled, just a sort of grab bag of different pop tropes; a few Max Martin up-tempos, an earnest ballad or two, a couple of 'vibey' mid-tempos. It's eclectic like In The Zone but not as confidently so and it lacks the cohesion of Blackout, while maintaining some of its sinister edge. I can see loving it as a fan, especially with its various bonus tracks, but for the more casual listener, there's not a lot that sticks with you.
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  20. I heard Make Me on the radio yesterday at around midday. It was a Hit Network station so I'm not sure how much it's being played on Nova. I think if Make Me is still being played on the radio here, she's still got a chance of having minor success here.
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