Britney Spears - Glory

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In my opinion: Glory vs Femme Fatale vs Circus vs Britney Jean

Vocals: Glory by far... this album is literally the first time she's sounding like Britney Spears since Blackout, with the exception of Blur. Even Clumsy has better vocals than almost every song from Femme Fatale, which says a lot
Lyrics: Glory
Production: Glory
Involvement from Britney: Glory
Acclaim: Glory

Glory wins in every aspect.

I guess from a success stand point, Circus is better. Bless that comeback hype because if released today, it would do worse than Glory. Femme Fatale wasn't even that successful btw, it was a moderate performing album that performed badly in several countries including the UK.

Glory is not better than ITZ or Blackout, but it's easily part of her trinity imo. I'm just thankful that after putting out three awful/average albums in a row, she finally gave us an album that is worthy of being called a Britney Spears record.
Glory stands on its own next to in the zone and Blackout.
There's a reason it's now part of the Holy trinity.

Mood ring should've replaced clumsy though!
Glory is definitely her best album since Blackout. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact.

Fine. I think Glory is not even worth mentioning compared to Circus and even Femme Fatale - as I said, everybody is entitled to their own opinions, right? It's your fact that Glory is her best album (and the fact of some others here, right?) and my fact is that it isn't.

I know that I've got a hard stand in this thread because I think Glory is not half as amazing as many of you are wanting it to be, but I'm fine with that.
We really don't need to shit on everything else to show how good something is, but.... you do you, I guess.
I'm not shitting on everything else. I love Baby One More Time, Oops!... I Did It Again (half of this fan base doesn't), Britney, In The Zone, Blackout and Glory. That's not as bad as some people who only like In The Zone and Blackout and nothing else.

Circus had some nice singles too. But as a whole it's messy with tons of filler.

OT: I love Mood Ring.
I don't need Britney shading that line when it's a standout. I'm hoping it's a "I'm embarrassed by my vocal ability ew that's stupid" ha.

Mood Ring is absolutely fabulous. It's the second single for me. But alas it's destined to rot.

Work Bitch still knocks, I still hear it played in my local clubs. I actually think she kind of likes it too.
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