Britney Spears - Glory

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Hmmmm WTF!? Is that Myah on 'Work Bitch'? Where the hell did I get the idea that it was one of the sacred songs on the album? What's wrong with me? Are there any sacred songs? Why am I bringing this up again...too much wine!
I am 99% sure this will be my final track list:
01. Invitation
02. Make Me (solo version)
03. Change Your Mind
04. If I'm Dancing
05. Just Luv Me
06. Clumsy
07. Do You Wanna Come Over
08. Slumber Party
09. Coupure Electrique
10. Mood Ring
11. Love Me Down
12. Just Like Me
13. Liar
14. Man On The Moon
Okay, turns out this will indeed be the tracklist I'm using. I like how the first ten are all the more sex/love-themed songs, and the final four are the ones dealing with betrayals, heartbreak, and so on.

Also updated this post about the singles run etc.
You can hear two voices in Work, so it's not all Myah.

I'm always late for these goldsoundz snippets, can someone describe the last one? It doesn't load for me.
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