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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I actually love it when singers use backing vocalists instead of layers of their own voices. It adds so much...flavor. It's great.
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  2. Mood Ring is the Unusual You of the album. I mean, what the FUCK Britney. I'm reeling.

    Top 3 on the album.
  3. Mood Ring finally! I love the vocal production on this song. I wish it was the lead single.

    I missed goldsoundz post too. What was it?
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  4. What the actual FUCK. How did Clumsy make the tracklist and Mood Ring was relegated to bonus track status?! This is a PopINjustice. Fuck you, Larry.
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  5. 'Mood Ring' is alright, I'd swap 'Better' with it. But that's all.
  6. Doing actual work at work is overrated so I fixed Glory's tracklist instead.

    1. Invitation
    2. Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
    3. Liar
    4. Man On The Moon
    5. Just Luv Me
    6. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
    7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    8. Mood Ring *
    9. Slumber Party
    10. Better
    11. Love Me Down
    12. Just Like Me
    13. Hard To Forget Ya
    14. Private Show
    15. Clumsy
    16. If I’m Dancing
    17. Coupure Électrique
    What You Need
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  7. It's, I love the melody of the pre-chorus and bridge but not the rest. Especially not crazy about the 'drop', I feel it cheapens the song. All in all, a worthy addition but I wouldn't switch out anything on the standard for it.
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  8. My gosh. Truly. Woke up randomly at 3am and saw Mood Ring. Now I'm on my 14th listen and not planning on stoping anytime soon. THIS IS GOLD.
  9. Blaspheme.
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  10. So it's been a few weeks and I still don't enjoy Just Like Me, If I'm Dancing, Better, Hard to Forget Ya and Love Me Down. I usually skip them within 5 seconds but atleast there are loads of other great tracks to choose from.
  11. Can you remove Private Show and make it the best tracklist for Glory!
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  12. Ok, I retract my previous post, this is the true blaspheme.
  13. Mood Ring is so moody-broody. I LIVE.
  14. Any pm for the Mood Ring train? Need it for my iTunes travel.
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  15. Mood Ring is such a jam, I love it.
  16. I can't at people bashing Liar. Geez!
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  17. Mood Ring goes HARD. So much potential for a single, especially with some great remixes.
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  18. In related news Make Me is at no33 on this week's Billboard chart while it's also been certified gold in Canada. Get that moderate hit Brit!
  19. Liar doesn't sound like a Britney song or her even singing the song. I can understand why it's just a bonus track.
  20. It sounds like Femme Fataleney, so I agree.
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