Britney Spears - Glory

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M00d R¡ng is Awesome! I wonder why it was relegated to a Japan only track.

Anyway my revised tracklist is now this:

1. Invitation
2. Make Me
3. Just Luv Me
4. Better
5. Do You Wanna Come Over?
6. Slumber Party
7. Change your Mind
8. Just like Me
9. Mood Ring
10. Love Me Down
11. Clumsy
12. Hard to Forget Ya
13. If I'm Dancing
14. Man on the Moon
15. Coupure Electrique

I'd replace Clumsy with Liar, but not bad.

I tell no lies.
In theory I should hate Private Show, but I really like it, in all its silliness. Even the vocals don't bug me anymore (it's actually my most played track in my ~7000 song iTunes collection....)
Really loving Mood Ring. Pretty sure it would have been one of the songs that stood out to me if we got it the same time as all of the others. Glad I held off buying the album for now, I shall purchase it next month in Japan.
In theory, I do love private show. But when I grow to accept the vocals, the production throws me off and vice versa. It's unfortunate when I absolutely adore both the lyrics and the melodies. I remember I did not mind the vocals at all in the snippet used in the perfume ad. But when that voice is used over the entire song span, it is too distracting, it leaves little space to appreciate or enjoy any other aspect. Stylistically, it definitely fits in this collection of tracks.
Not open for further replies.