Britney Spears - Glory

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In theory, I do love private show. But when I grow to accept the vocals, the production throws me off and vice versa. It's unfortunate when I absolutely adore both the lyrics and the melodies. I remember I did not mind the vocals at all in the snippet used in the perfume ad. But when that voice is used over the entire song span, it is too distracting, it leaves little space to appreciate or enjoy any other aspect. Stylistically, it definitely fits in this collection of tracks.
Grammy Show continues to be a critical stand out.

I see why Popjustice was shook
Ugh, why does Brit do that? Same with Tom's Diner. So unprofessional. Both amazing songs that could have been flawless if reworked properly.
If you think that's bad, she never even bothered recording the chorus on the Circus track "Follow My Fingers". It's all Cathy Dennis & CoCo Morier. Same with the bridge in the track "Dangerous" that's all CoCo too.
I don't think Britney has a problem with likability, she's always been likable but she hasn't been able to translate that to relevancy in 2016. She's not relatable to younger audiences either because she's a single mum who happens to be a popstar.

Not that relatability is even a requirement to be relevant to younger audiences. People like Beyonce and Kanye use their relative unrelatability to their advantage by being aspirational.

Beyonce is a mix, actually. She has a big aspirational persona onstage but she still does relatable topics like infidelity. I may be wrong, but Kanye is relevant but he isn't as big musically anymore as he used to.

We can all relate to Britney because we follow her, but in the past few years, she hasn't put herself out there enough for the newer generation to appreciate the relatable aspects of her. Artists like Taylor make big efforts (most of the time cringey) to look relatable to the average Tumblr girl and it worked. Most importantly, it translates to their music.

I love Glory, but I'd love to see a Mood Ring direction too because it's the most relatable song she's had in a while. Melanie seems to understand Britney the persona, which translates into the lyrics and I'd love her for B10.
Doing actual work at work is overrated so I fixed Glory's tracklist instead.

1. Invitation
2. Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
3. Liar
4. Man On The Moon
5. Just Luv Me
6. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
8. Mood Ring *
9. Slumber Party
10. Better
11. Love Me Down
12. Just Like Me
13. Hard To Forget Ya
14. Private Show
15. Clumsy
16. If I’m Dancing
17. Coupure Électrique
What You Need
Thanks, I just changed my iTunes version of Glory to this tracklist, but keeping What You Need behind Clumsy.
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