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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Also, I'll be honest and say Work Bitch >>> Make Me... in terms of impact and memorability, but I don't think Make Me... did that badly either.

    I think it's in the Top 20 because of the Iheart deal so it means in some way, Britney herself is keeping the song afloat, which is more dedication than I would've ever expected from her in 2016. She's clearly open to working hard this era and I just hope they focus on doing things right so that it won't go to waste.
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  2. I'm sad 'Clumsy' isn't really loved, it's so silly and feel good, I love it.

    I know... individual taste exists!!
  3. I attribute the kinks in Mood Ring to Britney not finishing recording. A BJ tea. Still a solid track though and the best lyrically on Glory.
  4. I am a bit shocked she didn't finish this song either but since it's just the Japanese exclusive, I'll try to ignore it.
  5. The adlibs at the end of Liar aren't Britney either.

    This feels different to Britney Jean in the sense that the producers have - seemingly - used the demo vocals for added texture, as opposed to pretending that the vocals are actually Britney's.
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  6. Ever since Femme Fatale y'all stay on talking about background vocalists, as if Britney wasn't joined by what sounded like a backing choir throughout the Oops...I Did It Again! album.

    I get that Britney Jean traumatized y'all even more, but there's nothing on this album that warrants being so picky about it now.

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  8. RainOnFire

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    Oh, Mood Ring is lush. Got me feeling all types of ways. I love it.
  9. Glory does make me feel like it's such a waste she doesn't sing live. Her voice sounds very good on these tracks.
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  10. What I love about Mood Ring lyrically is that it fleshes out an entire persona for Britney in a song. She's that girl who's unpredictable with her emotions, but ultimately found someone who "gets her".

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  11. 'Mood Ring' is incredible. It's frustrating that it's only a Japan track, this sounds like a single and a radio hit.
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  12. She's a Mom now.
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  13. Yeah they aren't pretending it's Britney so it's less offensive and it's not the majority of the song/album so it's not so bad.
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  14. Typical Brinty to record a song that most popstars would join the Illumanti to release as a single and she gives it to Japan.
  15. Mr.Arroz

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    Queen of plot twists
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  16. I don't know why anyone would be bothered by the backing vocals/adlibs in this case, since this is essentially a mastered demo. Most artists don't go in and do re-recording unless they're positive something is gonna make the album and "Mood Ring" obviously wasn't in the running once other songs came into the picture. I'm glad we have it now, though.
  17. When the 'Slumber Party' adlibs kick in

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  18. I wonder why 'Mood Ring' missed the cut for the international version? Maybe it just comes down to Britney and Karen preferring the other songs and in a specific sequence, which is fair enough. But it just seems like such an obvious choice for the album and I think it would have been a highlight with general listeners and critics.

    I know that there was speculation that it was over the 'mood swings' line although I doubt this. The only thing I can think is that maybe they felt the album was already very mid-tempo heavy and didn't need another one on the final cut.
  19. I doubt it was cut because of how it could be related to her mental health, otherwise they wouldn't release it at all.
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