Britney Spears - Glory

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I'm not calling this version of Slumber Party a remix. A remix implies effort went into changing the song. It's a simple copy and paste job.
Some of you guys are waay 2 on.
Help - where is Tinashe? I've listened twice and have yet to locate her.

edit: even though she's tagged in the Spotify version, mine didn't have her second verse? iTunes had the proper version. Gladly throwing all my coins to Britney since 1998.
Did you not hear the sudden PLUMMET in recording QUALITY in the second verse? How she sang like she was DEAD INSIDE?
Just realized I was listening to an improperly tagged Spotify version. I was hoping Tina would flip her verse for more of a Beyonce-in-Telephone kinda moment.


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I'm new to this thread, just recently joined and can I say this thread never surprises to make me giggle and laugh, whilst also it makes me disappointed knowing how some Britney fans act so immature.

Any case, Glory is a fantastic album. It joins the holy trinity perfectly and it sounds vocally amazing too. Best I've heard in ages. The new remix is giving me life. Sure, it might not add anything new to it, except Tinashe's amazing vocals, but it doesn't bring down the song either as the production sounds very similar.

Anyhow, am I going to need some popcorns for this ride because it sure looks messy as hell?

Welcome to hell. When this thread is good it's really good (see: the Glory leak), but sadly the reverse is also true. Come hang out in some other threads too, we'd love to hear what you think about Nightride for example.
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