Britney Spears - Glory

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Underwater Queen.

It's very sad to know she once was the biggest popstar on the planet and truly inspired a generation, and now she's delivering Demi Lovato level of material.

And it's not cute anymore for her to use bissexuality to promote herself. I know she's not exactly an activist, but it's time for her to know better. She's in her 30s, get it together.

Well these two points right here. I kind of see where you're going with the former but not the latter. You have to realize that her label isn't spending and investing on her like before, hence the duet partner(s), right?. For anybody expecting a My Prerogative type budget with those kind of epic scenes. That just isn't happening anymore. Since post Britney Jean floppage, i don't know maybe they stupidly blew all of their budget on Make Me/La Chapelle this round. But they're clearly not spending huge amounts of money like before.

As far as the latter I don't see her using bisexuality. I don't think it's intentional 'like oooh let me snuggle up next to Tinashe to get people off and sell this song *wink*.' She does the same at her Piece of Me show with both her male and female dancers during some of the segments. If people get off on her slightly gyrating next to another female and that's all it takes, and turn into their own fan faction then that's on them. A lot of these comments are in jest or stans hyped about the video.


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Loooove the video, the song still doesn't feel like a good single choice but hopefully the video sells it.
Does anyone know if this has received radio airplay in the UK yet?
Its #1 trending on UK Youtube but without radio support we wont get anywhere.
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