Britney Spears - Glory

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It's a good Blackout throwback. I'd rather she write than other people tell her story. Glory is "hey, I'm capable of making great music, remember?" The next album will likely sound much more current and be a mix b/t super-commercial and super-experimental. I imagine it will explore more lyrical themes, too. Pop music is going to get a lot angrier and more aggressive soon.
I wonder if she'll align the album/tour with the 2018 super bowl. 20th anniversary of career, 10th album, etc.
So... Clumsy for single #3? Whenever I put on Glory my friends ask me to play it, and I literally resist and put on everything but Clumsy. But they love it! 4 / 5 of my Britney fan friends would easily put it in their top 3 from the album. I think it's just the type of mindless fun they've come to expect from Britney over the past few years. It's also very unlike anything on radio right now - it isn't moody, dark, faux/bro deep, etc. Britney is the best at pure escapist fun, so I get why some really love it.
I just wish the ragtime piano was more prominent during the breakdown. It sounds great with HQ headphones, but a bit dated without them.

I'd rather them kill the campaign now then have that song blow up as the third single/dictate the sound of the next album.
I think it was you! I literally think of this at least every other day, and I kii every time. You're seriously twisted for thinking of that! Haha.

I'm not sure which version would be worse...
The third and final single is going to be Clumsy feat. Meghan Trainor and we'll all have to deal.

Sis, if we get to 7 singles they can release Clumsy (The Radar Remix, Featuring Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, The Cast of My Little Pony, Willie Gomez, and six Spanish babies).
I normally wouldn't participate in the delusion, but the fact that Britney said she would do it a few times and that her team was even considering it this year makes me curious about it. But yeah, let me not start another Armageddon in this thread.

Britney saying she would do it is hardly the issue, unfortunately. If she can't even book SNL, there's no way the NFL is going to reach out to hand her one of the biggest promotional slots in the world.

Slumber Party has finally debuted in the top 50 of the Daily US Pop Radio Charts. Get that Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 smash, Queen.
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