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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Liar for single number 3, then just luv me.
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  2. Logic, ladies and gentlemen.
  3. He's facially good looking. Obviously in great shape but one trip down his instagram and it's not hard to surmise that there isn't much going on upstairs. Which is a turn off. But if she likes it go head girl.

    I'm just wondering why her team and publicist are pushing this so hard so soon. The stories into tmz, the sudden emergence of candids, tabloid covers. I just think highly publicising her romantic life does not work out for her as it has been shown in the past.
  4. Unrelated but the new Dralo relationship makes me weep in that we're never going to get that Drake feature.It was always unlikely but yeah Jlo is going to get those hits now.
  5. They've paid good money?
  6. I let out a scream. I'm not sure... that's as likely as you think, sis.

    Again, the main flaws in this campaign were timing.
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  7. I want to see the rules that say I'm forced to visit all the threads from this forum[​IMG]
  8. It's right next to the rule that doesn't allow gif usage outside of Random Thoughts and the need to write in complete sentences.
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  9. It's still hanging around on Pop radio but really, all promotional push should come in January when the freeze & hits of 2016 are out the way. Second week of January they should discount it and give it a push on Spotify to see if it heats up.
  10. I mean....
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  11. It's 31/12/16 6.33 PM here in Istanbul and 'Glory' is still the album of the year.
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  12. 11:38 PM here and I agree with you.
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  13. Slumber Party ends 2016 at #29 on pop radio. It moved up 1 spot today with another positive spin & audience gain.
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  14. Omg! Yasss! Hope it keeps climbing.
  15. It's gaining faster than Million Reasons again so it should pass that within a few days to at least hit #28, but beyond that it will be tough to keep moving given the spins of everything below it. I wouldn't expect a big update tomorrow as today will feature tons of year-end countdowns.
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  16. How does Million Reasons have 300 more spins than Slumber Party, but have 2 million less in audience size? Does anyone know?
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  17. Spins =/= Audience.

    If a huge station plays a song at 5 PM during peak traffic, that spin will be worth more audience than a small station playing it at 2 AM (where new songs are often started out with testing).
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  18. I find the mere mention of "Just Luv Me" as the likely third single so utterly disheartening. What a terrible, terrible, terrible, misguided wackamole choice to end such a lovely era.
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  19. It was always going to be a single. I agree that based on the last two, the third should be something a little more upbeat and fun... it sort of feels like RCA would be beating a dead horse trying Just Luv Me in 2017. "LOOK! Britney sounds so current and mature! Wait, it is not late 2015!?"

    That said, I really like the song so I don't hate it being a single. It could have a really interesting video. I'd still rather something riskier like Change Your Mind, If I'm Dancing or even Come Over.
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  20. I love the song, but the only reason I wouldn't want it to be a single is because I would worry it would have a terrible video. That said, I don't really know what else I would want instead. I guess something more uptempo.
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