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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Man on the Moon is my favourite on the album. I know there's no hope of a single release, and I wouldn't want there to be one, but it's still a lovely song.
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  2. I can't see it having an interesting video, it really isn't that good a song in my book (even as an album track) and after two midtempos who have been shunted out to so so results....we really don't need another one.
  3. Change Your Mind could be a very interesting single release. I could see it being a fluke hit. Maybe thats just me wishfully thinking.
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  4. How many times does goldsoundz have to beat into y'alls heads that Just Luv Me is an uptempo based on its BPM?
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  5. I'd kill to see a great video for Man On The Moon. Maybe more than anything else on the album.
  6. Doesn't matter.

    It sounds very much in the same vein as Make Me, Slumber Party...and Selena Gomez's hits from the last couple years.

    We need to move on to something fresh and exciting.
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  7. Wait, isn't Glory a Selena Gomez's album? And what do you mean by hits?
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  8. Miguel covering one of my favorite and very underrated Britney singles.

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  9. His voice is awful. I know he needed to play it masc for this cover especially, but..damn. That's a shit cover if I ever did hear one.
  10. I just think you're overthinking it.
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  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Karen Kwak was voted #3 hero of 2016 in the PJ Reader's Poll. Queen.
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  12. Talent always wins.
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  13. Very deserving. She performed more miracles on one album than Jesus.

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  14. kween karen wins again.
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  15. Kween Karen Kwak was my personal hero of 2016.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    she did that.
  17. Just Luv Me would make for a great single if the video actually referenced the problems with addiction that the lyrics suggest. Not Britney thinking this is a "great song to do yoga to".

    Give me Britney in a ball gown in the rain, in a bed in finery with a man in fastforward around her, in a dance studio alone just dancing freestyle to whatever feels right and her driving a car and running over a person that turns out to be herself. Give me something like that.

    Nothing's gunna chart so just chuck out something beautiful.

    Also massive yes at Karen being the bronze saviour of the year. She better be on her next album, and with a new- more exciting vision.
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  18. I wish Britney performed tonight. I'd rather of watched her than Jlo struggle during that. These are my drunk thoughts sorry everyone. Happy New Years xoxo snap me
  19. After 2016 just murdered Mariah while performing, I'm glad Britney didn't.
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  20. Glory made it to #5 on my Top 5 albums of 2016, rising from its initial #8 position.

    I don't know why it took so long for the album as a whole to gel with me, but now that it has, I'm so in.
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