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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. The Slumber Party in me...... I now set free.
  2. Tour was in the works last year for this year/next. Don't know what's going on with the album, but I do know that the bulk of it is not finished.
  3. I have seen a lot of artists lip sync in China. It's rumored that she'll have 3 concerts here this year, but it's never confirmed. I'll keep y'all updated if some new info pops up.
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  4. The China law thing, I believe, is just that she can't promote her concerts/herself as a "singer".

    If she lip syncs, it has to say like "recording artist" or "performer" instead.
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  5. China is fascinating.
  6. Oh my god
  7. I mean, wasn't there an issue with Australian law with Circus or Femme Fatale's tours about how she needed to put on the ticket there would be lip syncing? n n n
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  8. A summer tour would be amazing and it's also sort of needed to revitalize her brand a bit in Europe/Australia. I'm honestly surprised there's even talks of a new album at this point, Glory is fantastic and can definitely hold the fanbase over for another year or so.
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  9. I wonder if Britney and team are gonna make a big deal about her 20th anniversary
  10. Humble Queen of being extra sexy and lip syncing.
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  11. A tour would really be truly incredible. But Team B better know what they're getting into. I don't want to see Britney in a Gwen-like situation where she is selling out less than two thirds of an arena. They're gonna need to promote the hell out of it and I don't think Britney would be too excited about that.
  12. The locations the picture mentions are not accurate at all, but the artists it lists are true so far. Bruno Mars just announced he'll have 4 concerts in China Mainland (besides that he'll also have 1 in Hong Kong, 1 in Macao and another in Taipei) this year, despite the picture saying only 2. Anyway, we'll have to wait and see.
  13. It seems like Britney has, at times, really resented the touring life since near the end of Onyx Hotel. During that tour, parts of Circus, and throughout most of Femme Fatale - even when she was into the show - it felt like the schedule and time away from her family / home just wasn't appealing to her. Now it seems like she's got some hunger in her again, and it's been a long time since she's done shows outside of the US (aside from the Apple Music thing). Her sons are older now and I think it'd be a bit easier for her to spend a week or so away at a time, plus she seems to be in a great place personally and creatively. If they do it I'd imagine they'll either time the announcement with a new Glory single / video, a one-off single, or something from a new album.
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  14. Even though I know they don't necessarily make sense anymore, I'd rather they re-release Glory than move onto a new album this year. Put out a new single with a great video, treat it like its the beginning of a new album campaign- basically make up for screwing up Make Me- and then go back to the songs on Glory. Basically like Rihanna did with GGGB. She released Take A Bow and Disturbia and then went back to a song that was already on the existing album. They don't even have to do physical copies- do like Maroon 5 did and add the re-release single onto the album on digital retailers. Do their best to make it a success and then push Just Luv Me or whatever current existing Glory song they choose. But Glory is too good to release two badly handled singles from and then just move on.

    TL/DR: Reignite interest with a new song, then work with the great material you already have.
  15. If they're doing a tour I hope they would re-do the setlist and add new choreo and MORE Glory songs. They should just hire Jamie King again, he's awesome with staging, props, and lighting. Circus was such a magical tour!
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  16. If they do this I hope they go full throttle and pull a Tori Kelly aka replace the album cover.
  17. They can at least push the song a little bit harder to see what happens. It won't take off easily just by itself.
  18. At this point I'd personally rather see them put all their focus for a new album for Q4 this year. Glory was a great buzz era to get her introduced to some of the newer generation and get her comfortable performing at award shows again.
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  19. It saddens me to see that they have such a great record in their hands yet have already moved on to a new project. It reeks of her label/management pushing her to rush release a new album and not something that comes from her organically.
  20. How credulous are you?
    She records songs here and there like always but they won´t rush relase a new album soon.
    Glory came out 4 almost 5 months ago?! And who says her label is pushing her?
    Calm down.
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