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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Love, love, love the album! Still on my "car" playlist in its entirety. Barely ever skip a song. Although I'm not always in the mood for Private Show...
  2. Hard To Forget Ya sounds so good at 4:30 AM
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  3. That Britney Jean dragging, though! But it warms my heart to see all that praise for Glory, it's so well deserved and I'm pleased people recognised what a strong album, and how very "Britney", it is.
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  4. A true return to form. 9 albums in and she delivered one of her best yet.

  5. Ray


    Putin is already at power though?
  6. Happy Birthday Glory! Such an intense joy of a record, and never seems to get old.
  7. I'll always vividly remember hearing Slumber Party for the first time the day the album leaked. It got me old school shaking and crying. What. A. Song.
  8. Wow! Already a year! Time really flies, I remember how excited I was when I got the whole album downloaded on my iPhone and I was getting my life listening to Slumber Party for the first time ever
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  9. On my first listen to Glory for some reason the order it came on was Invitation then Man On The Moon. I was genuinely like...I don't even know just like...transported!
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  10. WOW time flies! Hope B10 is shaping up – just the thought gets me excited.
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  11. "My chakra's open, green and red/But he wants blue and green instead" may be one of the strangest, most fascinating couplets in any Britney song.
  12. Glory won a special place in my heart, such a beautiful album, definitely one of the best from Brit, one year and zero songs to skip while listening to it
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  13. You're welcome Queen! Now if only you had supported this album.
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  14. That first screencap would have made a better album cover.
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  15. That screenshot is slightly better than the cover. Slightly. What an amazing album.
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  16. Island

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    Happy Birthday Glory. You gave me so much joy, happiness, and dance moments this past year. Mwah
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  17. Wow... It's been a year since the album came out already? Feels like yesterday. Love you Queen.
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  18. The album is still on constant rotation. It's easily in my top 3 favorite albums of hers. Maybe even the number 1 or 2 spot. I can only hope that her next album follows Glory and features even more of Britney's wonderful vocals.
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  19. Same here. It really does remind me of an awesome summer last year. Especially the songs towards the second half of the album: Slumber Party, Love Me Down, Hard To Forget Ya, Change Your Mind, Better, If I'm Dancing and Coupure Electrique. Each of them just gorgeous songs which have also served as the soundtrack to the last 12 months.

    That's the other great thing about this album, you can't accuse her of frontloading the good stuff. Obviously pretty much everything on the record is amazing but I seem to revisit and love the songs above on the second half of the album the most.
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  20. Island

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    It dated pretty well, too!
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