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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I kid.
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  2. Fitting as she is the original pioneer of PC music
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  3. Obsessed. I've missed you so much, Britney!
  4. Someone on ATRL has the vocal stems and says the lead on this is completely Britney. Background vocals by Mathew Koma and Klara Elias. He's also planning to release the lead vocal track soon, which I'm very eager to listen to!
  5. Mood Ring and He About to Lose Me have different merged/background vocals too. This is not a Britney Jean situation at all.
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  6. Her transformation into gospel singer Britney Spears on What You Need suggests otherwise.
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  7. After hearing Swimming in the Stars, I gave in and listened Matches and...




    I just wanna go back 20 years in time to tell my 13-years-old self that his dreams may indeed come true
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  8. Also this is phenomenal. And if Matthew Koma actually releases the vocal ascending today
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  9. Gorgeous and otherworldly.
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  10. This is gorgeous. Ethereal-ney really never does us wrong.
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  11. Swimming In The Stars is a masterpiece. The drums! THE DRUMS!
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  12. Me going on Spotify and seeing the original album cover glaring at me menacingly in all its pixelated glory, knowing what was locked away for the last four years.
  13. We need an album full of songs like this! Her vocals really suit this kind of production.
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  14. This song also reminds me that Britney Spears still has one of the most perfectly “pop” voices in the game. I don’t know if it’s her tone or what, but she’s just got this malleability to her vocal that lends itself to basically any treatment, especially one that’s extreme or unconventional
  15. What a gorgeous song. Like a warm, familiar embrace so much needed in this wretched year. I love her and missed her so much.
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  16. I know it doesn't mean much, but it's already #57 on iTunes and she hasn't even posted about it.
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  17. Ok girls, this is my last rant about the images before I shut my ass up and stream Swimming in the Stars well into the night but I've decided the only way I can make peace with the situation is if Ms Spears posts each picture to her Instagram account come Glory re-release day.. whenever that is again. Oh and post the original music video.

  18. Man on the Moon and Swimming in the Stars really do make the perfect two-hander for ethereal, breathy sound that Britney does so well (if infrequently).

    Alien can be included if they fix the vocals.
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  19. Invitation and Just Luv Me say hi!
  20. Wasn't that Glory?
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