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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I need a proper trance mix of "Swimming in the Stars"
  2. I miss Trance-ney so goddamn much
  3. The Glory cover for Iran ddd

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  4. Still better than what we got in 2016 ddd
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  5. I think about this all the time. The absolutely amazing and over-the-top facial expressions, the way she basically lets the backup singers take over during the prechorus for no reason, the fleet of homosexual dancers swarming the stage for approximately one (1) minute and immediately disappearing, the fact that she's apparently also in the audience at isn't often you see a popstar performance that operates in dream logic, but she did that!
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  6. Well half of the posts are 'Glory came'.
  7. upu


    Don't worry - in the deluxe Burqa edition we'll see (only) her eyes.
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  8. The infamous desert performance immortalized.
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  9. That’s Lucky.
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  10. You just reminded me this existed

    Reminiscing the good old days I was literally perched on her offical MySpace when B in the Mix was out - had this on repeat for hours

    I feel a ru-uh-uh-ush...

    Why was she so ahead of time from 2003-2005/6? and then Blackout HIT hard right next with Piece of Me

    Full album of this is overdue.
  11. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song from the day it came out. I seriously thought she would release a full trance/house album after B in the Mix
  12. It was such a time to stan. She was on a ROLL. Globally speaking but also creatively.
    Glory was a nice little comeback in that sense.
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  13. A full trance/house album with visuals like this would have been earth shattering.

  14. If only the knee incident had not happened. Breathe On Me could have had that type of video.
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  15. They were always going to be moving onto My Prerogative regardless so I doubt there would have been time in the schedule for Breathe On Me anyway sadly.
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  16. Is it just me, or do the vocal chops in "Matches" remind me of Skrillex? Because I think they do.
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  17. I will never tire of this performance. It's kitschy cheese but the charisma she just radiates is why she became the star she did.
  18. Britney has a lot of incredible sex tease/performer songs that it could easily make one hell of a playlist.

    I had compiled Side A below based on R&Britney (the protagonist's initiation/coming out period) and Side B the poppier stuff (as the narrative gets sleazier and the recovery), but it still flows as a chronology of a brave new girl discovering the world of strip club.

    Track 1-2, 5-8 alone are so tight they could carry the narrative as an incredible, peak Britney 6-track EP.

    Brave New Girl

    Side A
    1. Touch of My Hand
    - discovering her sexuality for the first time
    2. I'm a Slave 4 U - entering a strip club for the first time
    3. How I Roll - as it goes deep into the night
    4. Hot as Ice - as she finally gets comfortable being on the spotlight and about to become a show woman
    5. Get Naked (I Got a Plan) - her first strip
    6. Freakshow - getting wild on the sex tease with the man while the rest watches
    7. Breathe on Me - the first passionate love-making
    8. Early Mornin - the first hangover

    Side B
    9. Slumber Party
    - the love-making gets kinkier as "we use our bodies to make our own videos")
    10. 3 - threesome
    11. If U Seek Amy - orgy
    12. Blur - the bad hangover that wakes her up from the superficiality
    13. Perfume - marking her territory so that the other girl knows she owns him
    14. Inside Out - the breakup sex
    15. Mood Ring - the song that philosophizes the analogy between putting on a strip show with the ups-and-downs of love emotions
    16. Circus - the final song that marks her return as the queen of the strip show, better than ever
  19. I don't trust anyone that doesn't fuck with "Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe)". Quite frankly, those who mention her feature in a derogatory sense will be put on my hit list.

    Trust, you will be dealt with.


    I might be late to the conversation but my veins are popping from seeing fools slander my girl for the past 4 years!
  20. W2K


    I’d personally include Invitation as well, but otherwise great!
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