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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I wonder if they will release the albums yet again on vinyl eventually with the bonus tracks
    or if they would ever do just one with them all on. Actually they could even do a B-sides release to go along with each album like they did with the RSD Oops!
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  2. Lowkey want.
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  3. This is what I’m hoping for!
  4. The way I just snorted at this I-.
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  5. Is it there any screenshot of this? I'd love to see how the tracklist looked like.
    Talking about the In The Zone era bonus tracks, they were amazing, Bloodshy & Avant made a great work with I`ve Just Begun and Girls & Boys. I'would love to hear more of those sessions, they used "live drums" to make tracks like I`ve just Begun, Do Smethin', Chaotic, Mona Lisa, even Look Who's Talking. RCA should release an expanded edition of In The Zone with bonus tracks and leftovers on 2023
  6. Britney needs to just do like Mimi and put out a Rarities album. It could easily be a 2 disc affair with all the tracks fans would want on it. There's the bonus tracks and b-sides, the leaks that we all know, plus songs we know exist but have never heard like Who Can She Trust, Sacred, Graffiti My Soul, etc.
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  7. I can only ever find the post when I'm not actively looking for it. This is the earliest version of the tracklist before the post, though. It even has the original DVD art.

    Versions of the tracklist had "And Then We Kiss" and "Sippin' On" but they were replaced with "Mona Lisa" and "Over to You Now". I'm fairly certain "And Then We Kiss" was removed because they were gearing up to release the remix album around the same time.
  8. ddd sis, sometimes some comparisons are just fruitless and serve no purpose being made.

    Beyonce will have obviously experienced tons of things Britney will not have due to Britney being white that I'm sure have challenged her and made her question if the industry was worth navigating. With that said, though, Britney is also someone who grew up uniquely poor in a way most pop stars are not, especially when many child stars are raised by well-to-do parents with expendable income to nurture their child's passions, while anyone familiar with Britney's situation understands that early-on into her life she became her family's breadwinner.

    This is to not say anything about her parents or her peers, but no amount of passion can overcome eventual burn out if someone feels overworked and exploited. You don't even have to touch anything post-2007 or speak of her peers in anyway to recognize that Britney made it pretty clear she felt like no one had her interests at heart by the time we got around to 2004 or so.

    We have her own words about how at one point the only thing she wanted was to have her own family because of the unconditional love she believed came with it, how it devastated her to realize Kevin did not love her, and how closely she holds her children's love for her because she views it as a truly unconditional love. It's silly to question Britney's passion for her music and performing because her life developed differently than others'.
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  9. Personally, I think these songs would all serve as great additions to a Rarities-esque album:
    Welcome To Me
    And Then We Kiss
    State of Grace
    Strangest Love
    Instant Dejavu
    Sippin' On
    Let Go
    Love 2 Love U

    And none for Rebellion sorry
  10. Ideally, a Rarities collection would be primarily songs we’ve never heard before. Following Mariah’s format, I’d want something like this based on interesting titles and what we know about some of the tracks:

    Let Me Take You There (1997)
    You Got It All (1997)
    Nothing Less Than Real (1997)
    She’ll Never Be Me (2001)
    Bring Me Home (2001)
    Hollow (2003)
    Wonderland (2003)
    Sacred (2003)
    Follow Me (2005)
    Grow (2005)
    State of Grace (2005)
    Who Can She Trust? (2006)
    Take the Bait (2008)
    Abroad (2008)
    I’m Scared (2009)
    You Oughta Know – Live (2009)
    Kiss U All Over (202-)
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  11. Good point. Ugh I'd kill to hear You Oughta Know in professionally recorded quality. I was there when she first performed that and was in absolute shock!
  12. Salivating over the possibilities. There is so much unreleased material we know of between just the In The Zone and Blackout sessions, they could probably do a whole albums worth for each. I've also always wanted to hear her versions of Girls Alouds "Graffiti My Soul" and Selena Gomez's "Whiplash."
  13. Dd both of these were on my original tracklist, but like you said, there are so many songs she recorded between 2002-2006 and she did a ton just during Circus as well, so there’s a lot of possibilities.
  14. Hopefully there'll be some heavy future bass remixes as well (think Illenium, Said The Sky, Crystal Skies etc.). I was kinda hoping there would be a big hard drop just after the chorus but it didn't really come.

  15. Say you don't wanna cross the line


    But Imma make you change your mind!

  16. Sis is going to get frostbite laying on the snow like that.
  17. Just received the vinyl for my birthday. A good friend of mine shipped it to me as a gift (not it getting here from Target faster than my Ebay order from Nov, still pending) It looks absolutely breathtaking and it is the release we deserved back in 2016. You almost feel the resurgence this would have had with how the revamp of Vegas had been, the teasers of her with the fake tattoos and black bikini, the photo shoots, the BBMA performance, it was a far cry from "I'm a mom now Britney." Glad the songs are being appreciated and discovered by many who probably didn't listen to the album prior.

    Regards to Tinashe gate, I kept the Do You Wanna Come Over as track 7, have the remix as 8 and stuck the original version with the bonus. You get the best of both worlds. Insert Miley laugh.
  18. Same, even though it was also on the UK Chaotic, it suits the song to be a limited release. It’s a masterpiece amongst her regional exclusive gems in my book.

    Though I’ve always wanted a robust anniversary edition of In The Zone featuring one bonus disc with the original European bonus tracks, the tracks released with the European DVD companion, the My Prerogative tracks, all of the Chaotic tracks, and “And Then We Kiss”, and then another bonus disc with unreleased tracks from the initial In The Zone sessions, and the post-In The Zone and pre-Blackout sessions.

    Back-up fantasy is a complete rarities collection but that would involve cherry picking material.
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  19. I'm manifesting that she was able to do some initial work with Daft Punk as originally planned in 2003, and their sessions will debut on a new Glory re-issue in 2021.

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  20. Spotify says it’s a hit!
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