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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Take You Home, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. I always thought they changed it to 'living in nis' and they just reversed her vocal on that word ddd
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  2. I'll admit that I have a big bias to 3 and Hold It Against Me because I first started really exploring the internet/YouTube in 2010, and before then I really only listened to what my family liked/the radio. They were my first true tastes of Britney beyond the instant classics in her discography as of 2010, so I'll always have an appreciation for them.
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  3. Besides being utter bops, I've really fond, giddy memoreis of both 3 and Hold It Against Me from sitting up waiting for the premieres and annoying the fuck out of my then boyfriend by forcing him to listen/watch and obsessing about them for weeks.
  4. I've only listened to Matches 6 times ddd. I guess I was more underwhelmed by it than I thought.
  5. I'll always stan the Hold It Against Me video for the absolutely unabashed product placement nn. Even when it was a massive trend and no one was doing it subtly, the way Britney is randomly browsing PlentyOfFish and showing off her perfume will always have me howling.
  6. Speaking of Perfume and howling, I never understood how the “mark my territory" line made it into the final song. Work bitch, literally, I guess ddd.
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  7. Yeah, Matches aged a bit for me but Swimming in the Stars remains sublime. It actually sounds better a month later ddd.
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  8. The Hold It Against Me release was one of the most fun moments to be a Britney stan. People in general were looking forward to it, and I remember it breaking radio records left and right before "radio deals" were officially a thing. I remember listening to Bonnie Mckee's demo over a hundred times when that leaked.

    And like with any Britney release there was a dirge of fake demos and lyrics. This one remains a boppity though:

  9. The triumph when the production of the song was actually unexpectedly beefed up compared to the demo!
  10. Water sports anthem
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I meant the release! Not the subsequent two months of no promotion.
  13. @VicePresidentJocasta is referencing the iconic release when Britney was fishing as the song premiered, leading to fan meltdowns.
  14. Both 3 and HIAM are bangers! I think the reason she hasn’t performed Hold It Against Me is because she knows that song requires show-stopping choreo. She just needs the create a setlist that can allow some of these bangers to shine without the show being 4 hours long ddd
  15. I just listened to this and now I wish I was preloading before hitting the LGBTQ Community and getting messy.

  16. I’m not the biggest fan of Hold It Against Me. The song is saved by 3 distinct things: her pronunciation of ‘hazy’, the breakdown which we scoff about now but at the time was pretty gag worthy, and the trancey post-breakdown breakdown. Thankfully it builds but getting through the first minute is a struggle.

    For me, though eyebrows were raised by how she didn’t sound totally invested on portions of Circus, this was the first time her vocal sounded totally phoned in, something apparent throughout the entire album and indeed confirmed by Britney herself (in other words) in that alleged deleted section of the Jonathon Ross interview.

    Brian had his work cut out for him working with such a dancey song and a performer unwilling to dance. In hindsight he did a good job, and it’s still one of her best videos.
  17. Hold It Against Me is definitely an outlier in her lead singles discography but in the best way. It is unexpected (has Britney ever had a slow paced chorus in an uptempo song before?), geniusly crafted and managed to not only fit right into the radio soundscape of the time but also feel progressive and new. I think its erasure from public consciousness has a lot to do with the fact that it’s the only big single she hasn’t performed live in nearly 10 years now.
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  18. The original choreo for Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends were pretty good. The latter especially was very flattering on her and I don’t know why they changed that for Piece of Me.
  19. "I Wanna Go" always gets crapped on for some reason, but it's prooooobably my favorite Femme Fatale single. Either that or "Till the World Ends."

    Probably "I Wanna Go."
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