Britney Spears - Glory

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I loved ...Baby One More Time (the song) but it's Sometimes that made me a stan. The song itself is one of my faves ever. But how she looks in that video! So gorgeous.

...Baby (the album) will remain a masterpiece for me. Is that because of nostalgia? Probably. I can see why some don't rate it that high though. But for me the highs (the singles) are soooo good. Add Deep In My Heart, I Will Be There. And yes, even songs like Thinkin' About You and E-mail My Heart.
The fact she was 17 and barely 1 year into her mainstream career, yet pulling performances on this level is insane to me. We don't talk about this one enough, but it really highlights her abilities as a performer.

I'm a little bit late but this thread goes so fast... Anyway.
Her early award show performances were incredible. Girl knew how to put on a show. A great intro, a dance break here, a backflip there because, why not? Add that stage presence, her x-factor, charisma et voilà.

If you want to talk about Oops! being avant garde and shaping the pop landscape then I'm ready to have that conversation. Baby wasn't a fully formed idea, it was a bit of this, a bit of that, let's see what works. And that's fine. Its sequel defied the the idea that sequels are always shit and delivered the most cohesive and distinct pop album of that entire Y2K era.
I was going to say, my one grievance with her debut album getting this incredible revised nostalgic acclaim in recent years is the amount of dust paid to the far superior Oops. Now that was a defined vision from start to finish without a single dud to be found that perfectly encapsulated the Y2K Teen Pop era. I adore the debut with all my heart, and wouldn’t dare skip a single song, but it pales in comparison to the 11/10 that was its follow-up.
I'm blessed to have attended most of Britney's tours : BOMT, Oops, Dream Within A Dream, Circus, Femme Fatale, POM x 8. I had tickets for Onyx but it was cancelled due to her injury. I think my favorites have actually been Piece of Me, probably because of the amount of times I've seen it and been in the front row of the pit (unimaginably magical experience being so close). But Femme Fatale (say what you will about the energy level) will always hold a special place in my heart because I did the meet & greet and she was absolutely lovely. She was personable, complimented my shirt, she laughed and was totally down to do my silly "blue steel" face. Simply put, she's a treasure.
You're really cute dddd.
Baby... needs a remastering isn't it? The intro guitars to "I will Be There" and the track"E-Mail My Heart" sound weird in some parts. Let's hope they still have the original masters.
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