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Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (1st single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dag, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Liars!
  2. I know - they should be punished :)
  3. I honestly think anyone hoping for a sensational new unique cover was just...simply not looking at the past.

    This is the same label that prodcues masterpieces like these:


    There's hope and then there's delusion. Those expecting an awesome album cover will be just as disappointed.

    This same shit ALWAYS happens when a new Britney cover comes up. It's like people never learn.
  4. Maybe the world isn't quite as bothered about this, as us people on a forum are.

    It certainly doesn't bode well for the campaign.
  5. hahaha
  6. They better not play it, they are clearly waiting so that the campaign can start with a bang and the wait over the weekend will get every pumped for it.
  7. Haha! I still love the Blackout cover though.
  8. Strange time to play it, or maybe not. This could be the length of the song = 3.42 !
  9. Actually they might be able to premier it, and keep tagging it with Ryan Seacrest of the radio stations name so less people will download it illegally etc. Then on Tuesday the facebook and widgets are activated so that other radio stations can play it and it can be downloaded from itunes.
  10. Ok so after seeing the cover i've decided it's my favourite cover since Womanizer.

    I love the font and she looks great if a bit... tired but whatever.

    Tuesday is such a long time away.
  11. She looks good on the cover. Her best cover in my opinion was the Britney album.
  12. After coming back to the song today... It's not really that great.
    And I don't really see how it could change so drastically to make it one of her best songs.
    I currently prefer it over Womanizer, but would rate 3 as better. Don't get me wrong, I originally hated 3, but now think it served it's purpose well and it's greatest feature is it's gradual build-up.

    Hold It Against Me is perfectly listenable and catchy... but it just doesn't hold its own against songs like Break The Ice and Toxic.

    Where's the melody? Where's the original streak?

    I really hope it changes drastically, but currently I'm saying a big "Fuck you Doctor Luke"
  13. Considering multiple reliable sources have claimed that the song has changed quite a lot from the initial demo, do you not think this reaction is a bit premature? Also, if you liked how '3' gradually built up then you'll probably like this as I get the feeling that it might do just that, given that it's Dr. Lukes style at the moment. I'd bet money that the production on the final version of this will be alot better than 3's, which I found very 'tinny'.
  14. deadmanssong

    deadmanssong Guest

    I had a dream about 'Hold It Against Me' leaking (the final version), and it was exactly the same as the demo version, except it was Britney singing this time. People on here were so disappointed with the final version and saying they hated it and the general consensus was that the song was a total misfire. Anyway, the song was then released on US iTunes (on the same day it leaked) and it was initially climbing up the charts, but when it entered the top 10 it climbed a few places then it began to fall. Britney fans were all sad that the song was flopping and then I got a call from Larry and he was all "Oh shit!!! The song is totally flopping hard!! What should I do?"

    Then I woke up and checked on here and nope, the final version hasn't leaked and it was all just a dream.

    Oh, and weirdly enough towards the end of my dream I was in a room with 80's Madonna and 60's Cher, and Madonna set the room on fire....yeah.
  15. God, I really hope she doesn't do a mini-movie. Granted, more screen time for Britney the better, yes, but I just want a nice 3:00-esque pop video that is concise, stylized in accordance with the song, and features popping, yet slick choreography.
    Honestly, as great as the 'Telephone' video is heralded as being, I only watched it a few times because it was so long. When I'm getting ready to go out, or actually at a club, I don't want to have to break the atmosphere, or the dance beat because some pop video is trying to have a plot.
    'Bad Romance' is a perfect example of what I'm hoping Britney does. Enough style to make it interesting and a followable-enough story that doesn't go too much over the original length of the song.

    Regarding this talk about the Facebook campaign still, how can you not understand this was never going to happen?
    -The demo was a purposeful leak
    -Ryan Seacrest's team met with her managers and had the press statement ready to go on his site
    -The premiere of the song will be on Tuesday on Ryan's Facebook campaign involved.
  16. Wow - what a dream... don´t be scared the song will be amazing
  17. Could the song be released on Itunes on Tuesday and premiered today?
  18. deadmanssong

    deadmanssong Guest

    Fingers crossed. Weirdly enough I don't want the final version to deviate too far from the demo.

    I can see why people are disappointed with the demo. The song just seems so sparse and not really like a proper lead single from Britney Spears. It sounds like an album track.

    But I honestly do think that the final version is going to be one of her best lead singles to date.

    From what I've heard of the demo, I know this song is already better than that disaster 'Me Against The Music'.
  19. Do people think it's wise to have the iTunes release the same date as the radio premiere? It's a bit risky in my opinion, given with who's she competing with at the moment in the Hot 100 top 3. I think it should be released after a week of airplay.
  20. 'Firework', 'Grenade' and 'We R Who We R'? It's not the riskiest move ever. The songs have been on the US chart for an average of about 12 weeks.
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