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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Wow, sounds much better than the 12 sec clip from before, the great slow pace and the vocals sound much better.

    Find it on the 'Love B' section same as before:
  2. bunxer

    bunxer Guest

    urgh, I hate this. I hope her new style isn't going to be all like this.
  3. hmmm im not so keen
  4. A bit dull. Where's the POP?
  5. Horrible. And her voice sounds worse then ever, by the time she releases a new album I'd be surprised if she could sing at all.
  6. Poor Britney. It's shameful that everyone seems to hate her now.
  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I actually really like it. The vocals suit the song; she can still sing like she used to, if not better, as she displayed on the other clip she released a few months ago, "Little Me."
  8. as if things could`nt get any worse she`s gone and dyed her hair jet black. no joke.
  9. The hair dye was simply an anti-paparrazi tactic, I'm certain.

    I like the longer clip better than the short one from a few days ago...but not much. I agree, it's pretty bad.

    I still cling to hope.
  10. I didn't like it from the 12 second clip, but this longer version has brought it up in my estimations a lot!
  11. I hate to judge on just a 51 second clip... but that's the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard!
  12. It's always like that with clips and stuff!

    But, remember, it's unfinished! She'll come round with groovy pop again.

    Let the Force be with her!!
  13. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I like it, sorry. It may not be her best, but I would take that clip over all the filler on "Baby One More Time..." and "Oops...I Did It Again" combined. I love the strings on this song too, they really build anticipation on it. I do wish the chorus was a little more 'pop', but overall i like it. 3 1/2 out 5.
  14. Her hair looked really nice black in her video for Toxic.
  15. She has the absolute WRONG skin tone for black hair. It just looks silly unless she is going to pile on the makeup.
  16. Looks alright to me:-

  17. I thought pregnant women weren't supposed to dye their hair?

    I don't hate Britney by any means, but I'm fed up hearing about her constantly even when she's done nothing. Her music is in serious danger of being completely overshadowed by her status as tabloid fodder (if it hasn't been already). Madonna's been in a similar situation many times, but she's always pulled something spectacular out of the bag and avoided falling into the trap. I'm not sure Britney has it in her to do likewise.
  18. I dont hate britney.. just dont like the new demo stuff, but seen as it's on her website it probs wont even be on the album anyhow and even if it was there would be no chance it would be a single.. We wont hear the comeback stuff untill she is good and ready.
  19. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Most health experts say it's OK, but the research is somewhat limited. Some others suggest holding off using permanent dyes during the first trimester, because of the important brain growth made in that period.

    I think Britney's A&R man has nearly always come up trumps with the material he's picked for Britney's albums so far, so I see no reason why that won't happen again.
  20. Britney Who?
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