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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I'll never forget when HollywoodLife broke the news that Love Me Down would be a "sexy ballad."
  2. Is everyone forgetting 'Oh La La' ? I mean, it is completely forgettable, but I think it's worse than 'Pretty Girls'
  3. Ooh La La was specifically for a movie. And it was a fun song for the kids not to mention she looked so cute on the video.
  4. I do in fact forget about Ooh La La. But its more blah to me than bad. It ranks really low on my list of her singles, but I don't necessarily dislike it.
  5. I actually completely forgot about Ooh La La. I prefer Pretty Girls to it because Ooh La La is so disposable.
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  6. I also adore Ooh La La. Basic bop as its finest.
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  7. Pretty Girls is just not good. I would have preferred Ooh La La to have been the buzz single and Pretty Girls the soundtrack.
  8. "Ooh La La" is lovely.

    Also the demo is a bit of a trash bop

  9. Yas at Britney turning this from Smut to Smurf. Youth icon only.
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  10. The House of Blues 'tour' remains so random but it must have been amazing to see the most talked about celebrity in the world performing just a few feet in front of you.

    I'd be here for a 'smaller' run of shows similar to the Apple Music Festival, she really shines when you're up close and personal.
  11. Most iconic is how much people were paying for tickets to see her literally press play on a 12-minute CD and lip along. Queen of minimalism.
  12. She ad-libbed on Do Somethin when the CD skipped!
  13. Alot of artists would rather not tour (cough xtina) than do a small club tours like Britney did and it worked in her favor. Honestly Britney could've easily done a full on tour if her circumstances were different in her personal life. I still see that House of Blues tour very ballsy.
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  14. Does anyone else find Someday I'll Understand so underrated? I actually heard it quite a lot (surprised to hear it flopped) back then and I find the video gorgeous.
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  15. I adore that song and video. The lyrics are so simple and beautiful, and her vocals are fantastic. It's just a super special little song. It's a pity that this side of Britney isn't seen often.
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  16. Is Lynne's book any good?
  17. I don't think it was actually released to radio anywhere, was it? Her label released it as a physical single, so it was an actual single. But it appears everywhere it charted it did so after the first week the digital EP came out.
  18. I was at this show! And it was so much fun.
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  19. I've been living for the Martini Crew megamix recently. I love when they splice in bits of songs. Even Ooh La La and Big Fat Bass get a look in.
  20. It was definitely released in Poland. I remember coming back from the UK back in August 2005 and seeing it peak at #2 on the Polish national chart.
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