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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Me too sis! From what I see it was Lit as fuck.
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  2. Is there a studio version of Oops from the Dream Within a Dream tour? I love it and prefer it to the original.
  3. Queen of Snapchat. She NEEDS a public account.

    Also, a kii. Zoe is always asked about Godney on WWHL.
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  4. It's really endearing to see how genuinely positive Zoe always talks about Britney!
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  6. What a brilliant investment - if you're loaded.

    You'd think Britney would have kept the VMA outfit?!
  7. RJF


    Did I miss the opportunity to throw "Work Bitch" into the ring as one of her worst ever singles?
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  8. It's pretty middle of the road to me. I still bop to it frequently, mostly when I'm at the gym or going for a run, and it works really well as the opener in Vegas. It's obviously nowhere near as brilliant as Gimme More, Slave, Toxic, Oops, etc. It's certainly no Make Me, which has quickly become one of my favourite Britney singles ever.

    ...come to think of it, I guess Work Bitch is one of her worst singles, but that says more about her impressive single output. Pretty Girls and Ooh La La are the bottom of the barrel for me, but then I genuinely like or love every other single that she's released. Work Bitch and Perfume are both in the lower half of that list.
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  9. Karl Marx would disagree with you both - Work Bitch is the capitalist manifesto bop of all-time.
  10. This remains the crowning achievement of Buzzfeed as important journalism.
  11. Work Bitch remains unbothered. It bops.
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  12. I've always loved Work Bitch for what it is but I'm surprised at the amount of people I've come across that actually know of it. Must be from all the Spotify workout playlists.
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  13. It is literally the best workout track of all time.
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  14. Work Bitch is easily one of her Top10 best singles, if not Top5.
    Also, this.
  15. The 'Break The Ice' tour interlude is insanely good. It's crazy to think how well the Circus tour was produced compared to where we are now. I love watching the actual live videos, the lighting and crowd reactions are everything.

  16. The greatest interlude in pop music tour history. The goosebumps were literally exploding off of my skin during this bit of the concert.
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  17. Speaking of Work Bitch, I've seen the font used in the single cover used in other single covers and magazines ever since it came out. Truly a trendsetter.
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  18. This remains my favourite bit of the entire Circus era tour.
  19. Ten years from now Work Bitch will still be remembered while Make Me will not. I hardly ever listen to Make Me anymore. There are so many better songs on Glory that should have been the first single.
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  20. [​IMG]
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