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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. As much as I love Work Bitch (and I love it a lot) Make Me sucker punched it right out of that spot in my heart. Make Me is miles above Work Bitch and it's gonna be hard topping that with her next lead single.
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  2. Make Me is fine but it's so... meandering? Like it doesn't really go anywhere.
  3. Make Me is one of her best singles. It's incredibly fresh & absolutely what Britney should sound like in 2017.

    Work Bitch is such an amazing, gay ass mess. The middle 8 going into the last breakdown... m'bussy...
  4. I highly doubt Make Me would get the praise it does if it wasn't the lead single.
  5. What difference does that make? Me Against the Music was the lead single and its hardly her most praised song here. Womanizer was her lead single and a huge hit and gets shit on a lot here.

    People think Make Me is a great song because its a great song.
  6. I was still a kid then and I feel like radio really doesn't tell the full story of Britney's peak, as what is always mentioned. My generation found her music through MTV and it was blasted in malls, media, etc. Pregnant Britney was such a huge moment to all of us who grew up with her.

    People remember Everytime, but Someday feels very overlooked.

    Criminal tho.
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  7. Right...... I'm 27, I was around for Britney's peak. I literally don't think the song was serviced by her label to radio.
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  8. Yes, what I'm saying is I probably didn't hear the song through radio.
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  9. The whole clip felt like my entire life flashing before my eyes. It's truly epic, the kind of thing you'd find on YouTube and fantasise about being used officially, except it actually was.

    The visuals are just spot on, and as for the soundtrack... mixing Break The Ice with Gimme More and Slave - I mean that's the stuff that dreams are made of!
  10. Make Me is a brilliant song. I love Work Bitch in all its campy gloriousness, but Make Me is quite obviously the better song. Hearing it the first time was such a delight, it's still my most played song on Last.Fm.
  11. Here's the original video again, for everyone's (further) delectation.

    Watching this just reminds why she is the reason the word "legendary" exists.
  12. Saw her in Vegas on Wednesday. It was so mesmerizing to see her that close.
  13. RMK


    Make Me, for me, is nothing more than okay. I don't think I would listen to it as much if it weren't Britney either. I think my favorites from the album overall would be 'Man on the Moon', 'Change Your Mind', and 'Love Me Down'.
  14. I agree with this, I like it and it was the choice for a single but it's also the most snoozeble song on the album for me.
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  15. I'm always amazed at how "unpopular" Britney's music was on the radio during the Teen Pop Renaissance yet how ubiquitous and commonplace it seemed to every millennial child at that time. MTV was far more influential in introducing and promoting an artist and copies of CDs were subsequently passed around during recess. Britney undoubtedly had great hits but a good chunk of her music seemed to have been consumed everywhere besides the radio.
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  16. I think Til It's Gone could have been a viable single for the Britney Jean era and a better Work Bitch follow up than Perfume, at least with a bit of tweaking.
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  17. The only other song from that album that I think could've worked as a single was It Should Be Easy which... no thanks. Didn't they commission official remixes for it?
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  18. I assume that they were also considering Now That I Found You, since it was uploaded to YouTube the same day as It Should Be Easy. How Britney Jean almost got a third single but Glory didn't is questionable.
  19. "It Should Be Easy" and "Now That I Found You" were potential singles?! Terrifying.
  20. RMK


    Now That I Found You... NO. Not that 'Wake Me Up' wanna be mess.
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