Britney Spears

There were remixes commissioned for It Should Be Easy. I don't know what was up with the upload of NTIFY but I think most signs point to Easy being the single choice. As sad as it is when a song you love flops, I think I'd rather Britney flop with great songs like Slumber Party than have top 5 hits with garbage like It Should Be Easy.
I've always taken "Alien" as the unofficial 3rd Britney Jean single. It's a shame about the poor production.

I hadn't heard "Wake Me Up" until after "Now That I Found You" so for a while, I was really on board with the whole Ho-down rave feel.
Make Me slander?
I was listening to Glory the other day and had these thoughts:

- Make Me is perfect, but a lot of people didn't 'get' it. Do You Wanna Come Over, rejigged to be a biT more tropical, might have been perfect.

- It's a bit of a travesty her 2 televised live performances in forever were a "greatest" "hits" (aka "songs Britney likes") medley and ballad performance. Slumber Party actually has VERY good choreo and it's a shame it never got a 'big' performance.
I can't listen to Alien because for the unfiltered demo and the different glitches in the production. Perfume is okay. Work Bitch, Hold On Tight, Til It's Gone, and Don't Cry are all good songs in my book.
So I knew that someone was auctioning off a bunch of old Britney outfits but I had no idea it was here in Edmonton, so at the mall tonight we are walking and my mom nonchalantly goes "oh there's some of Britney's old outfits" to which my neck nearly snapped my head turned so fast.



I don't look that impressed but it was that or public freakout, so I chose to remain calm.
Honestly Britney should buy them back. She can display them in Vegas or just archive them and use them for a retrospective or something later on. They were initially auctioned off for charity if I remember correctly. If they aren't anymore then just get them back. The Slave 4 U outfits in particular you'd think she and her team would want to have kept a hold of.