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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Britney doesn't seem like the type of artist to really care about doing retrospectives & I understand it was for charity, but they REALLY should've kept the outfits. Especially when the Slave outfit is a literal pop culture moment that could be put into a museum somewhere. Like, what even? Why did they do that?
  2. This seems to be a common thing with a lot of enormously famous pop divas like Britney, Madonna, Janet, etc. - when it comes to archiving shit, diehard fans tend to be more organized (and care more) than the people actually paid to do it, if there are even any in the first place. Like, apparently an Alek Keshishian-shot Blond Ambition Tour film just sat in one of M's old managers' offices for something like 20+ years in a fucking file cabinet before anyone did anything with it.

    It's insane.
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  3. I think @mindtrappa said a couple months back that Gaga just recently got into archiving shit and she was getting demos and stuff off of fans. I sort of understand that in the moment it might not feel like you need to keep some stuff because you don't immediately realize what impact it'll have but it's still so insane to me.
  4. Then there's Beyonce with her temperature-controlled libraries archiving every moment of her entire existence. It's like there's no sensible in between.

  5. Why am I getting 'shopping centre cleaner who doesn't speak english tricked into selling everything to stan for 20 quid' teas?
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  6. I thought you were talking about @KYLE for a moment.
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  7. Michelle Bell has confirmed that we will be receiving Take Off this month, eek!

  8. Is this In The Zone era?
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  9. Yes! She described it as "organic electronic dance" and said it was lyrically quite progressive. Here's some of the lyrics:
    "They say get ready for the revolution
    I think we oughta find some sorta solution"
  10. I'm ready for her Godney Lennon moment.
  11. That's exciting, don't let us down Bizzy Bell! Maybe she'll share Peep Show in full while she's at it.
  12. She did say before that she'd be sharing Peep Show, Take Off, and Like I'm Fallin', hopefully they're all coming soon!
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  13. It's just because he looks like the typical broke straight college boy porn actor.
  14. Anybody know any jersey club remixes of Britney songs? Or reggeaton? *as I stay pressed over her team overlooking CYM*
  15. "Calvin Harris Announces Star-Studded New Album Featuring Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and John Legend"

    When will Britney? Never apparently. A collab with him would be amazing. Another lost opportunity.
  16. So the bidding for her costumes ends on Friday.

    “I threw it out there just to see what happens, just to see if there might be some interest of it going into a museum or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; somewhere really wicked instead of just back in my house in boxes,” she said.

    “I would love if Britney’s team realized that they shouldn’t have let this go in the first place, that it’s that iconic and I would love to see her wear those outfits again in her final leg of the Piece of Me tour in Vegas.”

    Proctor is asking for upwards of $1 million for the entire set. She couldn’t say what she paid for the pieces. “I actually do not know because I haven’t sat and added every piece up but it was a lot of money,” she said. “These pieces were actually quite a bit of an investment and a lot of money went into them initially.”

    The costumes are currently on display at Surfco Swimwear in West Edmonton Mall and will remain on display until the auction ends on Friday night. As of 4 p.m. MT Tuesday, the highest bid was $99,995.

  17. Is it true "Before the Goodbye" was the original lead single for Britney? That just seems so weird. As great as the track is, very little of it screams "single" to me.
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