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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. That era was so retrospectively "I'm a Slave 4 U, Boys & bubblegum movie soundtracks that I'm sick of"
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  2. Where did you dig that info up from?
  3. I don't know! I swear I've heard the rumor around town though... Maybe someone well versed in Britney mythology can help me out here.
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  4. The story I always heard was that JIVE promised BT "Before the Goodbye" would be the lead single, but then they got "Slave 4 U" and changed their minds. He was (understandably) pissed, and since he held "domestic" distribution rights to the song, claimed it "wasn't finished" and refused to let them put it on the album. However, he didn't have "international" rights and thus it ended up a Japanese bonus track.

  5. Yeah, this is true. The released version is unfinished.
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  6. How strange. I agree, nothing about it screams lead single. But if we only have it as an 'unfinished' version perhaps the final product would have sounded much different?
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  7. Wasn't BT supposed to have a big hand in the record?

    Britney was quoted as saying When I Say So was her favorite song on the record and then it didn't even mak it.
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  8. Do we know what songs were originally intended for the Crossroads soundtrack?
  9. Overprotected, I'm Not a Girl..., I Love Rock n' Roll and Bombastic Love I think
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  10. Britney is a good album but it had the potential to be great. I really wish they kept the soundtrack songs off of it. It's not even that they're bad tracks, they just don't fit on it.
  11. You're really cute sweetie!!!
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  12. You can't post that comment without the obligatory ideal Britney track listing.
  13. Well thank you!
  14. Overprotected, Cinderella, I'm Not a Girl, and Bombastic Love.
  15. When I Say So is such an amazing song.
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  16. I love "britney" 's bonus tracks... "before the goodbye" and "I run away"
  17. Releasing a soundtrack for Crossroads ultimately wouldn't have been that wise which they clearly realized, and those songs ending up on Britney was a good move. She still needed that sound on the album because she was still taking young fans with her. Overprotected and Cinderella are great songs, and yes, better than the BT songs.
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  18. "Cinderella" wasn't meant for the soundtrack. A remix of "Bombastic Love" was meant to be included, but Britney went to the label and protested the release of that and its use in the film. As far as we know, it was just the main three (Not a Girl, Overprotected, I Love Rock N Roll). I'm almost positive there was a blurb from Jive saying the soundtrack included 3 new Britney songs and then other songs featured. They had no problem merging the projects and replacing a few songs because it didn't make sense to include them and spend money on an extra release that probably wouldn't do that great when she had an album coming out around the same time. I think "I Run Away", "When I Found You", and "She'll Never Be Me" were the songs they cut/replaced. "Before the Goodbye" had already been removed from the project at this point when they realized it was taking a more R&B direction.
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  19. I still remember in the very early stages of the third album she talked about her favourite song from it being called "Bring Me Home", and that it was special because it was written by her. God knows where that ended up.
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