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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. And she sure does love spamming the apple emoji too. Queen looks great though.
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  2. Excited for the NYE stuff. Perfect songs choices too.
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  3. Everything in the Rockin New Years Eve show is pretaped aside from the Times Square bits, so this definitely will be.
  4. LiK


    Hopefully Dick Clark's production team handles the filming. I have no faith in her team to do anything right
  5. TM


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  6. How would New York work with the kids though I wonder?

    Clearly, Britney would jump at the chance, it’s her fave place in the world. But also, what market is there for a pop star residenc? Actually pretty radical thinking about it. She’d be against... Broadway, really.
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  7. Okay am I reaching here? Does anyone remember this famous old photo of NYC construction workers in their overalls?...

    lunchatopaskyscraper.jpg IMG_1091.jpg
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  8. And that Piece of Me sign in the back. Gosh, I really don't want Piece of Me 3.0: The Manhattan Remix edition.
  9. The demo of Britney's version of Hey Ma has leaked.
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  10. She sounds great
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  11. *cries in Camila Cabello*
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  12. She does sound great, I love her voice so much.
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  13. LiK


    I love this version so much more! Her voice sounds so smooth and refined
  14. She really has a magical voice doesn't she.
  15. Edit: Found it. She sounds great, really liked it.
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  16. Not her sounding better on this than on every song on Femme Fatale and Britney Jean ddddd
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  17. Check Google and Breatheavy comes up with the link.

    Like her version.
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  18. We all deserved some Britney. And I will gladly take that.
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  19. Let’s not.

    I liked it but it’s weird how some parts sound like a demo an others are more polished.
  20. Ah, Britney & Pitbull... the Christmas gift that no one asked for. The song is shit. She sounds fine.
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