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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. This is...amazing. I love everything about this shoot. It’s high-fashion street wear, but it’s undeniably Britney Spears. It’s perfect.
  2. Whatever late 20s gay making moves at Kenzo suggested the collab for this collection is doing so well sweetie, I'm proud of you.
  3. She looks incredible. It's a shame how much they've digitally altered her face though.
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  5. Stunning. She looks fantastic.
  6. This is such a good move for Kenzo too, though! It looks like more high end version of the prime Britney style that people remember. Though I would’ve timed the release of this sometime closer to her European tour.
  7. She looks incredible in the video. The reason she looks strange in the pictures is cause they airbrushed under her eyes so there's no definition to her cheeks. Queen!
  8. I prefer that last B&W shot to all those on the previous page.

    I think they've altered the shadow on her face (from the cap) and her hair has been thickened. You'd think by now these digital "artists" would be able to know when less is more...
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  9. This is EVERYTHING
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  11. Who knew those hallway runway shows would pay off? Queen of fashion.
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  12. Me: brb buying 15 items that I'll never wear even once...

    * Looks at prices *

    Me: brb buying 2 items and I'm gonna wear them every day for 6 years...
  13. Hopefully, this shoot will inspire her upcoming new era. Please, no more stoned-leotards.
  14. [​IMG]

    She really is Britney's biggest celeb stan
  15. Never change sis.
  16. The denim cap is mine! Great collaboration. She looks stunning! Especially in the video and behind the scenes shots!!! Campaigns are always photoshopped to a maximum and I actually think they’ve done a good job here to not overdo it with any alterations. It’s mostly airbrush...
  17. Serving youth, sex and fashion. QUEEN
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