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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She looks so good I can't even.
    *cries in Chinese*
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  2. He


    She really looks amazing.

    Kii at them making her legs that long.
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  3. One of the local gays on Facebook that is a self-declared Britney-obessed stan shared one of those photos with the caption 'Brit, you know I love you, but sis... no...'

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  4. I love the first pic! I hope we get it in HQ soon
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  5. Done!

    Attached Files:

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  6. Put the Name of the First Single Here is registered as a Britney co-write produced by Marshmallow. Well hello! Let's celebrate that!
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  7. I was surprised at how long her legs ACTUALLY are when I saw the Oops catsuit in Vegas. I swear they are 60% of her height...
  8. It seems like her team finally did something right with this Kenzo campaign. Even newspapers in Belgium are mentioning it. And they're being positive about it!

    And if there are people saying it doesn't look like her, who cares? She's wearing a lot of make-up, there's photoshop going on. That's the way these adverts are made. And even back in her prime she had shoots that made her look different.
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  9. Just listened to Born to Make You Happy on repeat.

    Still one of her very best.

    Just to show you how much I caaaaaaaare
  10. Yass! She looks beautiful!
  11. She weirdly looks like Tinashe in the face in some of those.
  12. Have I mentioned that we stan an iconic Queen? 'Cause, uh... we stan an iconic Queen.
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  13. Goodbye.
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  14. Godney served by Kenzo.

    Got my wallpaper etc. sorted.
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  15. Any of these would make an excellent album/single cover! I'm so snatched!
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  16. To be fair, the Make Me single cover is one of the best of her career. I have high hopes that they'll try hard to get the next album cover right given what happened with the last one.
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  17. After Femme Fatale, Britney Jean, and Glory all had variations of the same cover, I'm not holding my breath for improvement.
  18. Honestly, she's got more 'meh' / 'shit' covers than great ones, so I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm hoping for rather than expecting an improvement with the next album cover.
  19. It's weird because some of the photos look absolutely fantastic, whereas others are utterly dire. There's no real middle ground.
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