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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  2. ... are we seriously shaming a woman as a “heartless witch” when she’s been working consistently since she was 17 years old to earn what she has now? The road to this point hasn’t exactly been easy.

    Maybe if K-Fed wanted her to give him something “out of the good of her heart”, he would’ve one-or-one with her or Jamie, not through a lawyer and definitely not threatening to bring it to court.
  3. It might be owned by the same company as those other mags but they’re not on the same level - US Weekly gets their exclusives straight from publicists so it’s usually trustworthy in that regard.
  4. No, they don't anymore. Thats what I'm saying. When it changed hands earlier this year publicists stopped going there. It now runs the same Brad And Jen Reunited! stories that the other magazines that company owns run. Its not reputable anymore.
  5. I...did not know that. That’s a shame. Which mag is the new celeb mouthpiece?
  6. People as always. I believe the current editor in chief of The Hollywood Reporter is the woman who made US Weekly what it was in the mid 00's and I think lots of her contacts went with her there, which is why I think THR has gotten a little more gossipy than it used to be.
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  7. Let Britney give her money to whoever she wants to: mother, father, sister etc. She could take a homeless from the street next to Starbucks and make him live like a king for the rest of his life, it's none of our business.
    On the other hand, using your own kids as an excuse to gain more money from the girl you broke up with more than 10 years ago... That's vile.
  8. It's sad we are even privy to all this stuff.
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  11. Oh dear lord. As if Britney miming at a European football match wouldn't get an incredibly hostile reaction within the stadium. If you think otherwise you honestly know nothing about the sport and its fanbase within Europe. Dua Lipa is a different kettle of fish entirely.
  12. People defending Kevin Federline? In the Britney thread? Now I’ve seen everything.
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  13. Still doesn't justify absolutely anything.. at all
  14. I was just suggesting an idea that Britney cater to an idea of slower differently produced songs to showcase a new side to her voice and vocal abilities without taking a back seat to vocal effects and music production... That's all..

    ALSO, CAN WE PLEASE move off the subject of Britney's finances.
    It's absolutely none of our business of the custody battle, and Kevin asking for money, or anything dealing with Britney's finances.
    There can't be a mild discussion about it and it's sad to see all these posts arguing about it. Despite tabloids reporting it, we are better than this.
    Leave that matter to Britney and her family to see with since it only concerns them...
  15. Did I just see someone say Kevin Federline deserves $100k a month from his children's mother because she always takes care of her mother and so what's the difference? How did so many trolls make accounts?
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  16. Britney 20th anniversary cover found.

  17. The Britney album cover is so iconic...forever trying to imitate her hand clasping sitch from there. I think nothing beats the simplicity and alien-like quality of the ITZ cover, though
  18. "New outtake" my ass. This is just fan art.
  19. Who wants to play the fun game of Make Your Perfect Britney Album? Limited to 16 songs, all albums and greatest hits singles are legal but demos and unreleased material are not. Tracklisting order doesn’t need to make sense.

    1. Gimme More
    2. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    3. If I’m Dancing
    4. Piece Of Me
    5. Breathe On Me
    6. Phonography
    7. Freakshow
    8. Circus
    9. Unusual You
    10. Alien
    11. Man On The Moon
    12. I Wanna Go
    13. Inside Out
    14. Just Luv Me
    15. Lucky
    16. Stronger
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  20. 1. Hold It Against Me
    2. 3
    3. Perfect Lover
    4. Dear Diary
    5. Oops!... I Did It Again
    6. Boys
    7. Unusual You
    8. Trouble
    9. Heaven On Earth
    10. Womanizer
    11. Stronger
    12. Why Should I Be Sad
    13. Man On The Moon
    14. Sometimes
    15. Touch Of My Hand
    16. Don’t Hang Up
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