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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Should we post it one more time for good measure?

    This really does just make the Make Me video fiasco all the more depressing.
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  2. I love that title for the residency.
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  4. britney.jpg
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  5. Give us that massive 2018 My Prerogative remixe...

    ...that you’ll also never perform not even if a residence by the same name.
  6. Why is this better than the Make Me... video
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  7. That spilts across the bed frame oh my....the set up in the room with the big diso balls and stars looks like the start of some celebrity big brother vt for Britney .
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  8. She looks SO good, but this screams, 'we've scrapped the TV ads for this so let's just chuck out all the expensive footage we shot now'. The two scenes are in no way linked?
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  9. Marc Anthony just followed her on Instagram. Hmm.
  10. Read the caption, she says this is a sneak peek and more to follow.
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  11. Okay but I wanna be in the room where this backing visuals on the TV screens were filmed.
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  12. Gorgeousney serving face.

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  13. Of course this visual would be wasted on a fragrance advert which is named after a 14 year old greatest hits single.
  14. Someone edit this footage into the video "Do You Wanna Come Over" deserved.
  15. She looks fantastic.

    I wonder if My Prerogative is the residency title and the show is based on multiple parts of her personality, based on that caption.

    That or she just wants to shift a few perfumes.

    Who knows.
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  16. If the advert footage isn't owned by Elizabeth Arden then this is something I can see Britney's team doing, only to save money. We stan a frugal queen!
  17. She looks beautiful! Give us new music!!!
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  19. Godney is real.
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  20. Ddd I’m actually livid
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