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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Does anyone really think the new residency will be anything more than slightly different from the last?
  2. We live in hope.
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  3. Not you excluding the very song that, out of pretty much anything she's ever done, perfectly encapsulates the "more street, more hip-hop, more urban, more rhythmic" brief that this new residency is supposedly based on.

    I do get the reference to the In The Zone era though; that was actually the perfect time for Britney to have a show based on such a brief. Her choreography was much more hip-hop leaning at that time, and she had the natural swag and rhythm to really sell it.

    If she can execute a show like that now, rather than the lingerie/camp feel of Piece of Me, then I am all for it. For me, Britney has always performed better without heels and with pants on. And I am really looking forward to see what NappyTabs come up with, but I'm not getting my hopes up...
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  4. Yeah. NappyTabs are hyping this up a lot and they are respected professionals with decades in the business, they wouldn't talk out of their ass. If anything, the production will be massive.
  5. It's not like she's performing in stilletos these days. I think the reason she scrunches her hair back and wears next to nothing is to keep cooler. Our Queen likes her comforts.
  6. LiK


    I can't see 2003 prime dancer Brit doing that choreography. Brian was more focused on pushing his own style on her instead of actualy working to her strengths. He should have taken the time to understand where her headspace was as a dancer after not working with her for almost a decade, similar to how Andres got to know her body.

    THIS! Still such a great pop song to me. Once the second verse starts it just goes from 20 straight to 100 and never let's up.
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  7. TM


    Is the triangle runway from the announcement part of the new stage (the seating chart shows a triangle runway)?
  8. They uploaded footage from the announcement to her YouTube channel

  9. Do we know if the F1 show tonight is getting livestreamed? The dancers had a soundcheck this morning.

  10. Comments disabled, of course, haha. I think they realise the reaction.
  11. I'm finally watching the live announcement and Right Now being played is sending me.
  12. Yas @ the official last Piece of Me show ever being tonight.
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  13. Yeah I agree. Since drag has become so uber polished Brit sort of fills that slightly fab/naff void that drag used to fill. Lip synching for ha life in a dive bar. Except the bar is Vegas and the budget is bigger. It's sort of brilliant. I do love her though I think with the right team something truly brilliant could be done with her brand. A clever take on a pop icon. An amazing sort of pre Whatever Happened To Britney Jean vibe. I feel like she needs some European faggots around her. I need a concept album from her. Hand her over to the Pet Shop Boys.
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  14. Ignore the music aspect even. With the right Team she could still be way more important.

    That said still every media outlet in Germany somehow reported on the new residence so she’s still relevant enough for that. Although it’s less a sign her team is doing something right but more a proof of how big she was and that it still feeds interest today.

    I was informed she has a new residence by a screen in the subway of my very boring hometown this weekend when visiting my father. Which is interesting news for I guess three people in that town but somehow it’s reported.
  15. I like the name of the residency but the graphics, styling, announcement etc. everything has been so dated, silly and stale.
    She is literally like a robot being presented and wheeled around.
  16. ..and thats fine but play on it. Rabbit that shit and use it to your power. Get in on the joke.
  17. Well I'm bored of it now to be honest.
    I can laugh at her trotting to her car and not saying a word at the this huge announcement launch but on the other hand it just all seems so amateur and sad for a career that was so exciting at one point.
  18. What I find funny is all these rabbid reactions here considering she just finished a sold out and critically acclaimed world tour.
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  19. Now we’ll have Piece of Me Fantasy (5th Encore Edition) to look forward to
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  20. You would need an artist or team that is smart/self-aware enough to play into the camp/meta aspects of Britney these days but she/her team just seem mostly lazy and clueless.
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