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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Alessia Cara is shook.
  2. I still think one of the weirdest things about her career is that she had never won a VMA until Piece of Me, despite being nominated 17 times from 1999 - 2004.
  3. Yet basically her 1999-2004 run contains iconic videos back to back.
    a real PopInjustice.
  4. This is one of the only things that will upset me forever.
  5. Well hopefully even if NappyTabs don't come back they already made her pre record vocals that might be used in the future?
  6. Honestly if she never goes back to Vegas, fine by me. She’s done it for years and I know she likes it but a new album and proper tour would be great. I’m just over the Greatest Hits shows.
  7. Another tour would be lovely. But I don't see MGM voiding their multi-million dollar contract with her unless they were seriously concerned about ticket sales.
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  8. I don’t think she’d ever go back to touring, anyway.
  9. She just toured, technically.

    And I can’t imagine them tossing out her entire deal. She’ll definitely be back in Vegas. Who knows if it’ll be Domination though.
  10. I’m sure it took them a while to come up with Domination. If they don’t keep it, whatever they come up with will probably be a thrown together secondary idea that they tossed out previously.
  11. Lets not credit NappyTabs with the setlist. They may have brought those song requests to her attention, but if she doesn't want to do them she wouldn't do them. I don't think NappyTabs is pulling any strings there.
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  12. I remember her saying in an interview (it was a video, I believe?) that she herself was surprised and didn't really understand why this video won when she had put out other better ones. Would be interested in finding that interview again!
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  13. She said it during her acceptance speech haha
  14. It wasn't during her acceptance speech, it was during in an interview with Z100 in New York. Its at the 1:42 mark.

  15. She's not wrong, but looking at the other nominees it's not like there was any crazy competition. I'm sure MTV felt guilty about the whole Gimme More fiasco and wanted in on her redemption arc.
  16. The MTV issue is all the more puzzling because there appears to be no reason/explanation for it. It wasn't like there was a *~credibility~* issue like there is with the Grammys, or due to any industry politics like with the radio airplay. Not that I know of anyway (unless I'm missing something?).

    She was basically the celebrated Queen of MTV for like five years running, she gave them iconic videos that pulled in millions and millions of viewers for them and were insanely popular, she put on legendary performances at their award shows that had the whole world talking, she was the undisputed darling of TRL....but they just never gave her a single VMA.

    It's not like she was entitled to VMAs because of those things, but when you look at it all in the round it suggests an active decision not to award her any rather than it just being the way the dice rolled every single time she was nominated.
  17. Credibility probably did come into play. Not in the Grammy 'just give them to white guys with guitars' way but Britney was pretty uncool, even at the height of her fame.

    Who got the awards instead?
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  18. But it was still asburd to not hand her trophies galore. I mean Toxic and Slave would have been great videos for literally everybody. They were bigger than the artist.

    And for someone deemed uncool they sure booked her a lot.

    Anyway, bad chart placings, no VMAs, still one of the biggest names in the business so who cares.
  19. It's actually ridiculous when you look at what she lost to. I mean, I'm A Slave 4 U losing to Get the Party Started. And Toxic losing to Naughty Girl
  20. He


    Yeah, this was definitely about who was coolest.
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