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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Sounds like fan fiction written by an Exhale member.
  2. That is definitely 100% fake but also here for the "very" different version of Passenger with Britney's vocals on the chorus.
  3. Fan fiction!
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  4. A decade ago definitely, but she doesn't have the drive to put in the effort. Understandably.
  5. I will stan this woman endlessly but I swear if she ever adds any Britney Jean album tracks to her setlists when she has years of gold remaining untouched...
  6. The only believable thing is Hold It Against Me being scrapped
  7. And a swing. Oh, and cage. She's always in a cage.
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  8. Love the new highlights!
  9. Confirmed: Britney is a fan of Practical Magic.
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  10. That insider info sounds way too good to be true but I do hope we get to see My Prerogative live at least once. I feel like the song has a completely new meaning (just like Piece of Me as she said in the past).
  11. I couldn't agree more. Her photoshoot with Ellen Von Unwerth during the In The Zone era is her best ever in my opinion.
    The photoshoot she did during the Circus era with Mark Lidell was great too (this set at least)
  12. Ah yes the scrapped 08 Vanity Fair photoshoot. I feel the industrial/dream-like concept was better than the execution but certainly one of the more interesting Britney photoshoots.
  13. I might be wrong but I don't think there's any evidence that that shoot was ever for Vanity Fair except fans taking her generally naming off magazines in For the Record as some proof it was scrapped. For starters Jive used those photos for press - the 3 cover, The Singles Collection. Its not unheard of to use a magazine shoot for publicity photos - they did with the In The Zone cover - but for a magazine like Vanity Fair it would strike me as a bit unlikely they'd license out a scrapped shoot they paid for for Britney's team to do with as they pleased.
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  14. While also being way better than the actual Femme Fatale photoshoot.
    Is that really what that was for? Oh well. Outside of the industrial set, I don't really care for that photoshoot either. It had some nice shots, like the ones with the lace top that ended up on If U Seek Amy/Radar/The Singles Collection/etc but overall, eh.
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  15. Gimme More Egyptian Version from Femme Fatale remains to be one of her best remixes to date.

    I'll fight anyone on this.
  16. I can't believe it's been nearly two years since her Vegas residency wrapped. Britney the Instagram mom is cute and all but I hope Godney the entertainer and musician returns to us soon. Honestly all I need is one final amazing album and string of performances from her and I would be content with her retiring. But not yet! It's been awhile since we've heard of any new music but I hope something is in the pipeline. It seems like the good sis has a lot of spare time on her hands...
  17. !!! What is it that she really wants? That's my question.

  18. She heard you sis ddd
  19. Aw I love her. Take your time! We can’t forget if we tried
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