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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. "My grandmother, she spoke British... she did! She spoke British, she always said, 'OH! OH!' in the morning... so yea, she was a lovely lady."

    "Kingsman is one of my favorite movies. I love the beginning because it plays the rock song. I'm a nerd, I'm sorry! I'm just like, 'YEAH!' it's so cool."

    I fucking love her so much.
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  2. My favorite part is when she talks about cooking and loving different kinds of rices and then goes „Don’t laugh. Oh my god‘!“ at somebody in the audience. She really is one of a kind with a much too nice and sincere soul. Also I can understand Jonathan about Britney and her charisma. There’s just something about her. Always has and always will!
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  3. Before the tweet loaded, I thought that was Dua Lipa.
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  5. I saw this and commented that I want her shirt.
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  6. I hate how people always conflate Britney / 00s trends with the 90s (though I guess bucket hats were more popular in the 90s)
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  7. It's high-key hilarious that Britney has become the face of the 90s despite really only being active for just over a year of the decade. Icons only.
  8. Ant & Dec invented Brexit

  9. This is incredible
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  10. I was going to say, this all feels very Y2K instead of 90s.
  11. It's Ashley Tisdale.
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  12. Yas. So much iconic was packed into 1999-2001 that it created its own mini-era in time and pop culture.
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  14. Flop Britney fan.

    Fedora >>>>

  15. A Charli referencing The Sims in the 1999 music video even though The Sims was released in 2000 tea.
  16. There's a weird subset of people who categorize Britney as a 90s artist even though she only existed as a popstar for about 14 months of that entire decade. You just have to chalk it up to those people being like 5 and Britney being their first idea of what a popstar was in the minuscule amount of the 90s that they were cognizant.
  17. Muffy sis, the pedantry...
  18. Nevertheless, she released one of the most successful and most recognizable songs of the 90s... Also her debut album was released in the 90s (even if it was 99), which went on to become the 17th best-selling album of all time in the US. She's a 90s artist in the way that she was hugely successful during that time and went on to become even more successful and known in the following decades.
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  19. True, but there’s also people who aren’t that invested in music and don’t really tend to remember when songs came out and therefore just group them to a time from years ago that sounds about right to them. Lady Gaga being seen as a 2000’s artist by some, and appearing in 2000’s playlists even though her breakthrough was a year before the end of the decade, kinda similar thing.
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