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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The continuing dominance and relevance of the FF videos yas!

  2. I’m a much happier person since unfollowing Britney on Instagram.
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  3. I can't at the random Einstein/tattoo musings and grandmother anecdotes under the pictures.

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  4. This makes no sense considering all Britney does is post good stuff???
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  5. Plus it's purely her and probably one of the most genuine Instagram from a celeb.
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  6. I must have Man on the Moon!!
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  7. Thank you for your input!
  8. Heartbreaking if true
  9. There’s something not right, to me, about Britney’s fans following and trying to interact with her 13 year old son.
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  10. Count me out. We shouldn't be interacting with a minor, and whoever posts the IG live could face legal action.
  11. Big yikes. Someone posted the full 15 min video of her kid's Instagram live.
    Not the best situation for all involved, probably.
  12. I just want the best for Britney and her sons. Hopefully everything gets worked out for their benefit and they can be at peace.
  13. This is heartbreaking. People are fucking awful for badgering a literal child with questions.
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  14. Yeah it’s real the videos are out there. This is really sad.
  15. I just feel nothing but deep sadness for this family. I really hope this can be sorted out in time.

    Everyone commenting on his Instagram live should be ashamed of themselves. He’s just a child.
  16. Aparently he asked her about doing music and she said she was thinking of quiting.
  17. This is really tacky and sad. Brit fans need to back off.
  18. Well I wasn't expecting that logging in this morning. I was always afraid of what would happen when SP and JJ were old enough to be out there on social media of their own....Pretty shocked when he verbatim said that Jamie is a pretty big dick and that he can go die (on the bright side he said Lynn is the best grandma in the world). It's just really sad because I'm sure Brit didn't want all that stuff out in the open (again).
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  19. God damn, really sad stuff.

    I’m sure other people have expressed as much, but it’s so fucking annoying the comments and responses she gets on her social media. I’m tired of 32 year old white girls insinuating she’s insane or whatever just because she’s goofy on Instagram. It’s like yeah, I get “it” on paper, that isn’t how we’re conditioned to accept big celebrities acting, but it’s just so ugly and unnecessary to me.

    Ah well, what an unfortunate mess that sadly still swirls around her. I hope she’s happy and I hope we get at least one more record that is of her creation.
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